VIDEO: Closer’s pregnancy blogger Suzanne Shaw on keeping healthy (and resisting the treat drawer!)

Suzanne Shaw shares her latest pregnancy updates- and this week it's all about healthy eating and avoiding the sugary treats!


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This week has been a little wake up call. My food intake and lack of ANY exercise in the slightest since falling pregnant is not good to say the least!

Now, I don't consider myself an over-eater and I'm not going to be hard on myself with treats and obsess over calorie counting... I'm pregnant, if I can't do it now when can I?! However, I've now realised that what I considered to be an "odd" treat is really a 3/4 times a day regular occurrence! The treat drawer has to be locked up!!

I think more than anything, I've started to get into bad habits and I need to break them before I regret them! My routine isn't great right now. I'm used to being very active with my job, working long hours whilst juggling family life is the norm and we favour healthy meals in our household. But since becoming pregnant and taking time out, it's like I'm on a constant holiday!

Spending most days pottering around the house, lounging out, watching box set after box set and shoving whatever springs to mind in my mouth has slowly become my day-to-day routine without me consciously knowing it!

I still eat healthy when it comes to my meals, it's just my new found love for sweet snacks! This vice has taken hold of me... it's got to stop, I've put on over a stone! ARGH!!

I won't be too hard on myself; this whole lifestyle change is new to me and I have to admit, I've been making the most of it, but now I'm bored and want to be more active before I get stuck in a rut! So, as from now I'm giving myself a 'things to do' schedule and a 'what to eat' menu, and my mission is to stick to it! There's no messing around now as I don't need the extra work post-baby.

Suzanne has been doing pregnancy pilates

I've come across a workout DVD which is perfect for me right now - Parental Pilates.

I plan to workout to this DVD every day as it consists of five 10-minute workouts which means you only need to do 10 minutes at a time! I'm also going to change up the daily dog walk to a dog jog, but most importantly with all the will in the world I'm going to AVOID THE SWEET DRAWER!!!

Suzanne's keeping active with regular walks

It's certainly NOT about losing the pounds during the pregnancy, but about keeping my energy levels up and having a balanced diet, because as I recall, it's a massive shock to the system having a new baby in the house, and during the rest of my pregnancy it's about preparing myself and my body for that. The eating rubbish and lounging about days are over. Well, Monday to Saturday anyway - I'll take Sunday off!

Now, the country's/my obsession with the royal baby's name, Princess Charlotte, has nothing on my son Corey's obsession with baby names right now….

During cooking up a little recipe of mine, take a look at Corey's thoughts on what to name our new arrival.

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