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Eating out whilst watching your figure can be a mine field! Here are Michelle’s top tips to help you navigate nights out and family outings more easily.

Never leave the house without snacks

Michelle says: “If you look in my bag now, I have two protein bars and an apple. I never let myself get into a situation where I have to eat rubbish.”

Don’t be afraid to eat out

“If you’re in a restaurant order off menu. Most places will do plain chicken and veg if you ask. Or swap your fries for salad. Just because something isn’t on the menu, it doesn’t mean they won’t do it.”

**Eat dips at your desk **

“Buy the lightest Philadelphia and chop up celery or carrot to dip in. It feels like a treat.”

Snack on almonds

“Make little bags up of 15 almonds and keep them on you all the time. They’ll keep your energy levels up throughout the day.”

Hard boil some eggs

“One hard boiled egg is a great snack, and you can keep them in the fridge until you need them.”

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