Sugar free diet: Your three day plan to get you started

Your three day plan for cutting sugar from your diet.


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In recent months, there’s been a major backlash against sugar. Everyone from. Millie Mackintosh to Gwyneth Paltrow is cutting back and it’s little wonder, as experts say sugar is as addictive as alcohol and tobacco.

Last year Josie Gibson famously went from a size 20 to a size 8, losing 6st in the process, and she credits cutting sugar and gluten from her diet for helping her majorly slim down. She told Closer: “It’s not hard to be fat in this day and age – we have far too much sugar in our diets!”

So, why are we all hooked on the white stuff and why is it so bad for us? When you eat sweet foods, whether sugar or sweeteners, your blood sugar levels shoot up, so your body releases insulin to take it out of your bloodstream. But that causes your blood sugars to crash – leaving you craving more sugar!

Josie Gibson changed her life and her body when she cut out sugar
Josie Gibson changed her life and her body when she cut out sugar

Even seemingly healthy foods can wreak havoc with your blood sugar. Many foods labelled “low fat” are full of either sugar, or salt, to ensure they’re tasty. And as sugars are converted to fat in your body, they can have an adverse affect on your health.

But it’s not just “low fat” foods that contain hidden sugars – it’s everywhere, from soup to bread. The only way to avoid hidden sugars is to make your own meals from scratch, and to cut back on soft drinks, fruit juice and booze, as they contribute roughly a third of the sugar in our diet!

To help you kick-start a healthier way of eating, and begin to shift those pounds, we’ve put together a three-day low-sugar diet with Closer nutritionist Juliette Kellow. In three days, your major sugar cravings should be beaten. And, if you can carry on eating this way for 10 days, that sweet tooth should be under control. Just choose a breakfast, lunch and dinner option and say goodbye to the sweet stuff for good...


Sugar free diet: Your three day plan to get you started

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Sugar free can still be sweet - try this breakfast for a nutritious pick-me-up in the morning.

RECIPE: Bacon and eggs2 of 9

RECIPE: Bacon and eggs

Good news - you don’t have to give up your bacon and eggs to diet! By changing the way you cook it, you can have a healthy and delicious fry up.

RECIPE: Cereal and milk3 of 9

RECIPE: Cereal and milk

A simple, tasty and sugar free way to start your day.

RECIPE: Chicken salad4 of 9

RECIPE: Chicken salad

This salad is full of flavour, free from refined sugar and will fill you up until dinner.

RECIPE: Tuna jacket potato5 of 9

RECIPE: Tuna jacket potato

The sweet, home-made salsa makes this a zesty, low-fat and low-sugar lunch.

RECIPE: Italian salad6 of 9

RECIPE: Italian salad

A home-made pasta salad that will have you looking forward to lunch all morning.

RECIPE: Speedy fish pie7 of 9

RECIPE: Speedy fish pie

The perfect option if you're on a diet and need some comfort food, this fish pie is quick and super easy!

RECIPE: Couscous with veg8 of 9

RECIPE: Couscous with veg

A tasty, low fat option that's ideal to make when you need dinner in a hurry.

RECIPE: Pork wrap9 of 9

RECIPE: Pork wrap

In the mood for some spice? Try this wrap for a healthy kick.

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