The best self care apps you need in your life

Apps to elevate your self care routine

Self care apps

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Lockdown was a hard time for so many of us but there's lots we've discovered from that time including why self care is so important.

Lots of us were trapped indoors for long periods of time isolated from friends and family, and as a result we all were forced to think about how we're living.

Self care and wellbeing came to the forefront of discussion so here at Closer we've compiled a list of some of our favourite self care apps to improve our everyday lives.

These apps are a great way to motivate yourself and relieve some of the stresses we face every day.

Check out: the best self care apps you need in your life


Best self care apps

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Calm is one of the most popular and well known self care apps - and for good reason too. It is super user friendly and makes meditating and general self care a blast. We would 100% recommend to anyone wanting get their self care routine sorted. The app is designed primarily to help users with sleep and meditation. It's a great option if you have trouble sleeping or are finding it hard to get into a routine of meditation. Download: You can download Calm here.Price: 7 day free trial then £28.99 billed annually.

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Another popular self care app is Headspace. There are hundreds of guided meditations available helping with everything, from managing stress and anxiety to sleep loss. The voice of the speaker will honestly live in your head for days after hearing it, comforting you in times of stress. Download: You can download Headspace here.Price: 7 days free then £9.99 a month or £49.99 a year.

Fabulous-Daily Routine Planner
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Another great app for self care is Fabulous - Daily Routine Planner. This app is perfect for developing healthy routines through audio coaching and positive reinforcement. Fabulous takes holistic approach to motivate you to be more productive and have higher energy - a definite recommendation from the Closer team.Download: You can download Fabulous - Daily Routine Planner here.Price: 7 day free trial, then £26.48 a year.

White Noise Lite
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White Noise Lite is a great app for those that have trouble sleeping. Sometimes you just need a bit of white noise in the background to help you nod off. The app offers a wide range of sounds such as rain and birds chirping, It also offers a personal touch allowing you to mix your own sounds.Download: You can download White Noise Lite here.Price: Free

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When it comes to self care why not take a look back at your childhood? Who didn't enjoy a bit of colouring in? Even those of us who weren't super creatively gifted were able to make art. Well, Colorfy allows you to revisit the childhood bliss of colouring in as an adult. Give it a go, it's a great way to switch off after a long day at work.Download: You can download Colorfy here.Price: Free

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Shine is a great tool for self care - it's basically the perfect support system you can always rely on to give you that little boost. From sending you daily motivational texts, and providing "Shine talks" on everything from stress and anxiety to self-love to burnout, Shrine is a great tool in prioritising your mental wellbeing.Download: You can download Shine here.Price: £14.49 per month or £61.99 per year.

Smoke Free
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CREDIT: Smoke Free

What better way to help yourself than by kicking an unhealthy addiction? Smoke Free is the ultimate tool to help quit smoking. Not only can you use the app to track your cravings but it also provides you with the ultimate form of motivation by telling you how much money you've saved and how many years of your life you are gaining back - damn, can't get much more motivational than that, can you?Download: You can download Smoke Free here.Price: Free

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