REVEALED: The dirty truth about your handbag

This is not cute ladies.


by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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So, who doesn’t love a handbag? Finding the perfect handbag is like finding the perfect man, it can take a long time. We need to make sure that it suits us, makes us feel good about ourselves and of course can carry our baggage.

However it has recently been found in a study by the University of Colorado Boulder that (unlike most men) our bags could have up to 10,000 different types of bacteria in it.

Which FYI is more bacteria than a toilet… Yes, you read right a TOILET. Seriously how disgusting.

Roxanna Pelka, the partner manager of online cleaning company Helping, told the Herald Sun: “The University of Colorado Boulder published a study that pointed out 4,700 different bacteria species live in the human hands.

"Our hands touch everything and certainly all the things you have inside your handbag, also contaminating it.”


Now if you think about all the things that are usually in our bags; phone, purse, makeup, food, keys, tissues, hand-cream… The list goes on, it’s no wonder there are so many germs.

It was also found that leather bags are the worst for germs as the spongy material is perfect for bacteria to grow and spread. We are ready to throw out all of our leather bags.

But don’t worry we’re not alone, check out what Lauren Goodger has in her handbag here.

And after finding out how filthy our bags are we’re off to get them squeaky clean.

When was the last time you cleaned your bag?

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