New pregnancy jab ‘revives ovaries’ helps infertile women to conceive


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A new jab has allowed women who thought they were infertile to become pregnant

A brand new injection has helped two women who previously thought they were unable to have children to fall pregnant.

Thanks to the Genesis Athens Clinic in Greece, the women, 40 and 39, are thought to be the first women to benefit from a fertility treatment that used their own eggs.

The two women had blood plasma injected into their ovaries and womb and both become pregnant.

A new jab in Greece is allowing menopausal women to become pregnant (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Sadly, one of the women had a miscarriage, but the other is now six months pregnant.

It is thought that, if the pregnancy continues to be successful, the technique could let women stay fertile for much longer than they currently do.

It could also give hope to those who go through early menopause.

Two women, 40 and 39, were able to become pregnant as a result of the injection (Credit: Alamy) ©Alamy

One of the women, a 40-year-old lady from Germany explained to the New Scientist magazine that she had tried for a second child for over six years, enduring six unsuccessful IVF treatments.

She said: "I had given up on trying to get pregnant. To me, it’s a miracle. Everything is going well," adding that she is expecting a little girl.

Director of the Athens clinic, Dr Kostantinos Sfakianoudis, revealed that around 180 have had the treatment – some with similar hopes of pregnancy, but others who were hoping to help control the symptoms of menopause like hot flushes and thinning hair.

He said: "We've had two pregnancies, one is ongoing, the other reached the first trimester. For the moment, these are the first two that have been achieved.

"The results so far are very promising."

The treatment could help women who are going through early menopause (Credit: Alamy)

He is now producing a scientific paper on the results, and hopes to carry out further controlled trials.

It is not yet clear how the treatment is helping fertility, but a possible explanation is that the plasma is reviving stem cells in the ovaries and encouraging them to release more eggs.

Another thought is that the injection is revitalising blood supply in the ovaries.

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