Moon water – does it actually work?

It has so many uses 🌙

moon water

by Hannah Mellin |

'How to make moon water' is trending right now and just like mystics, those who practise witchcraft and astrologers will already know, the moon has a special kind of power.

The importance of full moons have been written into history, with many suggesting that there is a link between the phases of the moon and changes in symptoms of your mood.

The stages of the moon are said to rule over the "subtle, subconscious, and intuitive aspects of the self" and making moon water is just another way to soak up all the good the moon has to offer.

So, what is moon water and what does it do?

What is moon water?

It might be obvious, but moon water is water that has had time to sit under the light of a full moon and soak up its power. Making moon water dates back to witchcraft and people have been making it for centuries.

There's also some evidence that a full moon can lead to less deep sleep and a delay in entering into REM (resting eye movement) sleep.

How do you make moon water?

Making moon water is pretty simple:

Choose a container or jar and try and think about something you want to manifest for later on.

Fill with water, preferably rainwater, but if you plan to drink it make sure that you use water that is safe to drink and use a cover (you can still drink it).

Expose it to the moonlight by placing it on a windowsill or anywhere it will absorb the light.

Say an affirmation or prayer and think about what you want to use the moon water for.

Incorporate some crystals for an extra 'charge'. Selenite, clear quartz, and moonstone are all great options.

Leave overnight.

full moon water

What can you use moon water for?

Moon water has many uses, as well as drinking it, you can use the water to clean your home, watering plants, in your bath or shower, in your tea and you cleanse your crystal collection. The opportunities are endless.

How does moon water work?

Moon water is "a powerful cleansing tool for the body and home" and works acting as a psychic sponge, holding on to the energy the Moon is radiating from the cosmos into our world. Many believe that making moon water will help you "flow" with the universe and has links to healing and manifesting - just like crystals.

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When do you make moon water?

Now, full moons don't happen very often (roughly every 29.5 days), so its important to bear this in mind if you want to make moon water.

Moon water can be made throughout the entire lunar cycle, but is said to be most potent during a full moon.

However, don't try and attempt to make moon water on a lunar eclipse because that's said to give off bad vibes.

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