Mel Sykes flat tummy fitness secrets

We talk to Mel Sykes trainer Chris Constantinou to find out how she gets THAT washboard tum- and how you can too.


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There’s no denying that former model Mel Sykes has one of the most super-toned bodies the I’m A Celeb jungle has ever seen. The size 8- 10 star, who is mum to Roman, 12, and Valentino, 9, has been wowing everyone with her age-defying washboard tum and pert bum. But while Mel, 44, admits: “I’ve been training for seven years so I’m always bikini ready,” the good news is you can get results much quicker!

The TV presenter’s personal trainer, Chris Constantinou, who she sees twice a week for an hour’s training, says: “Our workouts are focused on resistance training, including squats, lunges and pull ups. That gives a lean, toned look.”

Mel has been showing off her figure in the I'm A Celeb camp
Mel has been showing off her figure in the I'm A Celeb camp

Here Chris reveals some speedy moves that can kick-start your body bloutz, including the daily three-minute secret to getting Mel’s amazing abs- the plank step-off.

Mel’s flat tum diet

Mel follows a “low-ish” carb diet, saying “I’ll have good carbs like sweet potato, brown rice and brown bread. Then lots of chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables, and loads of eggs.” Chris says that no foods are off-limits in her diet, it’s just a case of everything in moderation. “She also makes sure she has protein with every meal, and lots of green vegetables,” he reveals.

Stick to these rules for a lean body like Mel:


Mel Sykes fitness tips

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A protein-rich diet is essential. Aim to have a portion of protein- like eggs or lean meat- with each meal and three portions of green veg each day.

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Cut down on salty foods, like crisps, ready meals and bacon. Eating too much salt makes your body retain water and more prone to cellulite- the toxins in between your fat cells.

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If you’re dehydrated, it inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat, so make sure you’re drinking about three litres a day.

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Get your carbs form high-fibre sources, like sweet potato and quinoa.

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Don’t skip meals. “Mel is extremely dedicated to her fitness, and knows the importance of turning up to training sessions fuelled up to work hard,” says Chris.

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Cut down on booze. It’s high in calories and your body burns alcohol off straight away meaning the food you’re eating is stored rather than burned off.

Stay motivated7 of 11

Stay motivated

Mel mixes up her routine so she doesn’t get bored, staying active with everything from boxing, swimming, yoga and tennis, and even clay pigeon shooting. But if you’re struggling to muster up the energy to get off the sofa, Chris says there are simple ways to get you motivated…

Set short term goals8 of 11

Set short term goals

Don’t say: “I’m going to be fit by Christmas” or “I’ll have a bikini body by spring.” You need to have a goal each week so that you stay on track. If you’re losing weight, just aim for 1lb each week. It’s achievable.

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Don’t just focus on the scales

It’s fine to want to lose a bit of weight, but remember that while you lose fat you’re also building muscle so your weight might not change much. Instead, focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit and how much better you look in the mirror.

Take progress photos10 of 11

Take progress photos

If you feel better in your clothes than you did two weeks or a month ago, you’ll feel motivated to carry on the good work. Take photos each fortnight so you’ve got evidence of your progress and keep looking at the pics to stay on track.(Image: Mel Sykes ACTUAL abs)

Keep adding resistance to your workout11 of 11

Keep adding resistance to your workout

Your progress will stall if you’re just doing the same exercises each week. As your get fitter and improve, remember to add more weights and resistance, or try new exercises to work different areas of your body.

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