How I stay fit.. with KISS FM’s Tinea Taylor

The presenter chats daily wellness habits, resistance bands and why consistency is key...

KISS FM's Tinea Taylor

by Aimee Jakes |

Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a surefire way to feel your best, but how do the celeb lot do it? Is it a fancy juice plan? A PT to the stars? Sauteed kale that's been whipped up by a personal chef? Or do they have plenty of wellness tips that the rest of us could steal to help us on our own wellbeing journey? Believe it or not, it's often the latter. We speak to celebrities and influencers to find out exactly how they stay fit, look after themselves inside and out and ultimately feel great.

This week it's all about Tinea Taylor, the KISS FM presenter and female empowerment advocate who has excitingly been announced as a judge for Pour Moi's Uplifting Women Awards.

"It's so important just to be recognised as a woman in any industry," Tinea tells Closer, "As women, we kind of get sidelined a lot of the time. So when someone approaches you from a brand like Pour Moi and they say, 'We want you involved' it's amazing."

Aside from having the coolest job on the planet (read: interviewing Lady Gaga for a living) Tinea loves keeping fit and strong. She tells Closer how she sees health as a 'lifestyle' and not a seven-day quick fix. Say it louder for the people at the back 👏🏻

The presenter chats exclusively about her daily wellness habits, go-to resistance bands and why consistency is key...

What is your relationship like with fitness?

Tinea Taylor

I would say I'm in a happy and solid place for fitness, that's the best way to describe it. I've been working out on and off for the past eight years. For me, it's not just about the way that I look; it's good to see how your body transforms, but for me, half of it is the mental side, you know, going to the gym on your own and having an hour to yourself.

I always try and go first thing in the morning, before I start my day.

I'll do about four days a week on average. I do spin class on a Monday morning, then I'll do a heavyweight session on a Tuesday; I love reformer Pilates. I do that once a week and it's probably my favourite form of exercise. It's all about core and it's all women in the class as well, which I love. It's quite small and intimate. So yeah, I would say I'm in a solid, healthy place for fitness right now.

What are your daily wellness habits?

Tinea Taylor

Walking. It sounds crazy, but during lockdown, a lot of people picked up walking. My best friend bought me a Fitbit a year and a half ago, and I was like, "Right, I'm going to do 10k steps a day," and I've stuck to that. That thing is glued to my wrist!

I love walking. Where I am, there are lots of fields, it's quite suburban, so it's really nice to walk there. I walk in snow; even when it's heavy snow, I still go on my walks because it's really good thinking time. I come up with really great ideas on my walks or sometimes I just take a mental break and listen to a podcast for an hour.

Steven Bartlett is my absolute hero. I'm just obsessed with him and his podcast, A Diary of a CEO. I read his book [Happy Sexy Millionaire] when he sent it to me last summer and I started to know a little bit more about him. He also has the best guests on his podcast and listening to it is like a therapy session. I need to get more famous so I can do his podcast! Annie Mac's got a great podcast as well. It's called Changes and she's great.

What's a fitness tip you wish you learned sooner?

I don't believe in diets. I've got friends that are like, "Right, I'm going on holiday in two months, I need to do a diet", and I'm like, "No, consistency is everything." I'll eat clean, but then on the weekend if I want to have a pizza, I'll have a pizza. So for me, I've learnt the importance of not necessarily dieting, but just having a healthy all-around relationship with food. I don't do this whole quick fix, you know? If you just keep it consistent, you'll see that your body will stay consistent. If you want to consistently gain muscle, you will. If you want to consistently lose weight, you will.

What are your favourite gym bag essentials?


My resistance band. I used to hate the resistance band before lockdown. Then I started doing loads of home workouts as everybody did and now I take my resistance band gym and I love it. Especially for women. Women always want a good bum and good legs. Resistance bands will become your best friends if you want to work on toning your legs and your bum, and on gaining muscle. Honestly, it's agony and it's absolute hell when you're doing it, but resistance bands for me have become a staple in the gym.

I love the Ciara London resistance bands (£18). She set up an app called Body by Ciara at the start of lockdown and I love her workouts.

What's your favourite way to switch off after a busy week?

Tinea Taylor

Oh my god, I'm such a sofa bum, especially on a Sunday. I'll shower, put on some fresh pyjamas, get the snacks, lay on my sofa and I love to binge-watch TV. Right now I'm watching This Is Going To Hurt on BBC One. I binge watch Ozark on Netflix, I'm about to binge Peaky Blinders.

Sometimes I just want to like zone out. Everyone's like, "Don't you listen to music?" And I'm like, "No, because I'm a DJ and I'm on the radio every day and I have music blasting in my ears". So a bit of silence, a bit quiet, just having a bit of telly, that's totally me.

Congratulations on being picked as a judge for the Uplifting Women Awards for Pour Moi. Why was this an important campaign to get involved with?

Pour Moi

It's so important just to be recognised as a woman in any industry, I think. As women, we kind of get sidelined a lot of the time. So when someone approaches you from a brand like Pour Moi and say, "We want you involved", it's amazing. And being on set and meeting so many incredible photographers, and activists is great. It's really important. I'm so looking forward to the awards as well.

Quickfire round:

Favourite healthy snack? Missfits Protein bars.

Usual bedtime? Around 10:30pm.

Something that's always in your fridge? Fruit! Strawberries, pineapple and grapes to be precise.

A quote you live by? Oh, I've got so many... "Everything happens for a reason."

The Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards launched on 8th March to celebrate and platform amazing women in the UK. To nominate yourself or others go to

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