Montana Brown shares her £29.99 secret for bloating ‘that really works’

The star was influenced by Rochelle Humes

Montana Brown Detox and Debloat

by Aimee Jakes |

Love Island star Montana Brown opened up to her 1.2 million followers on Instagram about her newfound cure for persistent tummy bloat. Turns out, she was even influenced by This Morning presenter, Rochelle Humes.

Enter JSHealth, a brand loved by a zillion celebs (including Millie Mackintosh and Luisa Zissman) and is known for its no-nonsense supplements which actually do work. Trust us, they are magic.

Montana shared in a lengthy video via Instagram stories, “I wanted to show you the vitamins I’ve just taken before eating my lunch. They’re called JSHealth. I’m sure you guys have already seen them, I actually initially saw them on Rochelle Humes’ story and I thought what is all the crack all about?

"So I decided to buy them and the one that initially sprung out to me was the Detox and Debloat supplements (£29.99 for 60 capsules)."

Montana then explained how coming off the pill a year and a half ago has meant her body is 'getting back into its natural swing' and caused hormonal spots on her face and bloating when eating carbs and starchy food.

"I think the best thing about finding JSHealth is that I was actually surprised that they worked."

"I take these directly before my lunch because that’s when I suffer from the most bloating and I saw results after three weeks and I’m so happy.

"It gives you that confidence to not only wear more tight clothing, like gym gear which is what live in, but also feel confident in eating what you want. I was so sick of compromising on food I really wanted to eat."

We can absolutely relate.

To show how effective the daily supplement has been for warding off uncomfortable bloating, Mon even shared a before and after and both photos were taken a week apart.

It's not just Montana Brown and Rochelle Humes who are big fans, the supplement has been rated five stars online with customers hailing it 'a great product that actually works.'

One customer wrote, "They worked right away. I could eat lunch at work and not look five months pregnant for the rest of the day!"

Another added, "It really works! I’ve been spreading the word to all my friends and family. I’m so impressed! I will definitely continue purchasing this product."

How does JS Health Detox + Debloat work?

Bloating and an overworked liver are common health concerns, so nutritionist and JSHealth founder Jessica Sepel set out to create a cutting-edge vitamin to target both. Enter the Detox + Debloat formula, which is pioneering the supplement space with its research-backed blend of nutrients and herbs delivering extraordinary results. Hello soothed tummy and supported liver cleansing!

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The supplement contains Fennel Seed which helps reduce abdominal bloating and distension and Milk Thistle which protects the liver and supports natural liver and body cleansing and detoxification.

You can shop Detox + Debloat from the JSHealth website, here.

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