How to improve your ‘bed health’ and sleep better

Quality sleep is crucial when it comes to maintaining your health, Get a good nights rest and improve your ‘bed health’ with these top tips


by Fiona Day |
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Enjoy a cat nap

The optimum length of a nap is 26 minutes, according to NASA studies. This means that a quick disco nap can do a world of good if your energy levels are lagging, just don’t be tempted to make it last too long!


Make your bedroom a calm and beautiful haven of relaxation by ridding spaces of clutter. Keep books organised and clothes folded and stored away. Sit a plant on your bedside table to boost oxygen levels and hang your favourite pictures.

Invest in comfortable pillows

Rather than buy cheap pillows that you’ll find IMPOSSIBLE to achieve comfort with, invest in some good quality pillows that hug your body’s shape. Less is more, you don’t want to cause back problems in later life by using a dodgy pillow.

Try and sleep in the same bed every night

Our beds hold the shape of our bodies, making it the perfect fit for each of us. Staying in hotels and at friends’ houses can make sleeping difficult as each bed will feel strange.

Some athletes even bring their own bedding to hotels to insure that they get a good night’s sleep, that’s how important this tip is!

Don’t eat in bed

This is a big ‘no’. Eating in bed can not only be a hygiene issue but leaving crumbs in your sheets can cause disruption to your sleeping patterns. Stick to eating food at the dining room table.

Change your sheets regularly

Your body sweats a ridiculous amount during your sleep so make sure you change your sheets regularly to get rid of harmful bacteria. Once a week is recommended but if you or your partner have been ill then it’s encourage to wash your pillow cases daily.

Sleep naked!

Studies claim that sleeping naked can help you sleep more soundly. Invest in a comfortable duvet and strip off for a good nights’s rest.

Don’t let pets share your bed

As much as we want our pets to cuddle in for the night, pets in the bed is often NOT a great idea. Cats are notoriously fidgety and will almost certainly wake you up at some point in the night. Both dogs and cats can spread germs to your bed, making it more likely that you might pick up a nasty bug. Buy your pets their own comfy bed so you can both get some rest.

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