Five tips that’ll help you get a peaceful night sleep following Molly-Mae’s sad confession

Sleep easy with these handy tips


by Asher Brandon |

Molly-Mae Hague recently shared the fact she has been struggling to sleep in her new home due to ongoing construction.

In light of this Silentnight’s sleep expert, Hannah Shore has shared her five tips for sleep to ensure you all get a good nights sleep.

1) White noise

White Noise
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White noise can be helpful to dilute and mask louder, harsher sounds with a more tolerable noise. These sounds can help you relax, allowing you to fall asleep quickly.

There are various apps that can be used for white noise, or even just a quick look on YouTube will yield many results.

2) Earplugs


If ongoing noise, such as construction, is what is preventing you from sleeping, earplugs could be the perfect option for you. Agood set of earplugs can be bought pretty much anywhere they're definitely worth the investment. After all, a good night's sleep is truly priceless.

3) Communication


If your partner's snoring is the thing keeping you up at night, the solution really is very simple - just communicate how you're feeling. There’s almost always a resolution. There are plenty of good snoring solutions they can try.

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Or if the issue is you living with someone who grinds their teeth at night or sleep talks there are also options to help prevent these night time behaviour patterns. The best thing you can do is to communicate with the person dealing with these problems and address them together. They may not even know they are doing these things unless they are told.

4) Rearrange your furniture

Rearrange your furniture

It may be that you can't sleep because you are sharing a house with others or your bed is on a connecting wall to your neighbours. If this is the case the solution may be very simple - try distancing yourself from the source.

Why not rearrange your furniture? Try moving your bed to the opposite side of the room, or as far away from the noise as possible. Equally positioning large pieces of furniture such as wardrobes against a noisy wall can help to muffle sound coming through.

5) Hang thick curtains

Thick curtains

If the noise that's keeping you up is coming from the street or noisy neighbours, soundproofing your windows is always an option. Why not just invest for some thicker curtains to help block out external noise? This could be a great, cheaper option than going for thicker glazing.

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