How to reduce sweating in hot weather

Because NO ONE is exempt from sweating in this heatwave

how to avoid sweating

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Sweat is produced in armpits, on the face, in palms of the hands and on soles of the feet. Basically, your whole bod is susceptible to a sweat-fest.

It's brought on by a variety of different things, but the eight major causes are: heat, exercise, strong feelings, spicy food, sickness, nicotine, pregnancy and medication.

Sweating can be difficult to prevent, as your body needs to do it to keep you cool.

However, there are many foods that can be eaten and lifestyle changes made to reduce sweating and help build confidence.


Hot weather advice: How to reduce sweating

Prevent sweating
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Alcohol can cause you to sweat more - especially during the night after a heavy session, so try to cut it out or at least cut down. Reach for a refreshing fruit drink instead. It's not as exciting but the refreshment of a watermelon cooler will give you a high on par with a chilled glass of wine.

prevent sweating
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Wear your loosest clothes to let skin breathe. Wearing anything tight will restrict this and the sweat won't be able to leave your body quickly - this can make you overheated. Stick to natural, breathable fabrics, too.

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We all know how delicious a takeaway curry is, but spicy food can make you very sweaty and smelly in this heat. Stick to lighter dishes instead. Also, smaller portions mean that your body doesn't have to work so hard and so not sweat as much.

deodorant at night
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Did you know that deodorant works more effectively if applied at night? Apply a top up in the morning then go about your (weltering) day to see for yourself.

how to stop sweating
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If your usual deodorant isn't quite cutting it in this heat, keep an eye out for stronger products in the supermarket. There are also treatments for excessive sweating available to buy on the internet.

how to stop sweating
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Don't cram your tootsies into high heels or trainers in this heat - you will suffer the consequences! Let those toes breathe and it will make your whole body feel a lot cooler and more comfortable.

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