Great news; Housework burns THIS many calories each week – hurrah!

No time to hit the gym and do household chores? Well, let this ease your mind…

housework house hold chores

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Sometimes, the little things we need to do in life are such a bore – whether that’s tackling the never-ending laundry, vacuuming up the crumbs the kids left all around the sofa or scrubbing the soapy bath.

But, take comfort in knowing that getting through your weekly chores can burn up to 2,000 calories – meaning there’s no need to worry if you were too tired for Zumba last Thursday.

The research comes from, who found that sometime tasks such as washing up and ironing do you more good that your average gym session. According to their research, doing laundry once a week equates to doing an impressive 100 sit ups! Though instead of just sweaty gym gear, your left with fragrantly fresh and clean clothes = winner.

housework house hold chores

And as you make your way around the house, you naturally target different body areas, meaning when you’re on top on each household (if this is you, please tell us how?) you’re unwittingly doing a full body workout – take that fitness bunnies!

Darren Beale from said: “For many of us, fitting exercise into a busy schedule is tough, especially when you have these chores to fit in every week.

“We were really surprised by what we found, who would have thought that something as effortless as making the beds gives you the same work out as walking for a mile.

“Now you don’t need to feel as guilty knowing that whilst you’re cleaning the windows you’ve worked off that muffin you ate earlier.”

Want to try the full body chore workout? Then here’s your guide to what’s what:

Scrubbing the bath

Removing soap scum from your tub with a bit of added elbow grease for 15 minutes can burn up to 100 calories, which is the same as thirty jumping squats. This chore is great for toning arms and shoulder muscles.

Doing laundry

Factoring in loading and unloading the washing machine, hanging up the clothes and putting them away, doing the laundry can burn 78 calories in an hour, which many will be pleased to hear is the same as doing 100 sit ups.

Cleaning windows

If your windows have seen better days, it’s time spend an hour cleaning them and burn 334 calories while you’re at it, which is the same as 40 push-ups.

Washing up

Scrubbing away at the dishes can burn an impressive 560 calories over a week if you spend 15 minutes doing it every night. This equates to swimming 2,500 metres. Even loading the dishwasher can burn 105 calories every thirty minutes.

housework house hold chores


Giving your carpets a good clean can burn 90 calories in half an hour, which is the same as 15 minutes of kickboxing. Depending on size of your house, vacuuming can get you nearer to the daily recommendation 10,000 steps


Something as easy as doing the dusting can burn 25 calories in 15 minutes, the same as two minutes of planking.


If you spend three hours over a week getting the creases out of your clothes you can burn 420 calories, the same as a Zumba class. Standing still for long periods of time burns calories and works your core muscles too. Make sure to press down evenly and switch arms so both get an even work out.

Making beds

Changing the linen of a family of four’s beds can burn 65 calories in 15 minutes, the same as a mile long power walk.

Mopping and sweeping floors

Cleaning the floors for 30 minutes can burn 145 calories, which is equivalent to 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Mowing the lawn

Cutting the grass with a regular push mower can burn 325 calories per hour, or if you prefer you can do 20 minutes of HIIT.


30 minutes of pottering in the garden can burn 213 calories, which is same as 45 minutes of cycling on flat terrain. Digging works your shoulder and abdominals so it’s great for an all round work out.

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