Are false eyelashes damaging your eyes?

Fans of fake eyelashes listen up- you could be sacrificing your eye health in exchange for fluttery lashes


by Fiona Day |
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Scientists have discovered that our eyelashes grow to the length go one third of the width of our eye, the perfect length to block out dirt and prevent them from drying out.

But what happens when we try out a longer lash look with the use of some fake eyelashes?

According to researchers, experimenting with different eyelashes can cause our eyes to be put in the firing line of dirt as well as running the risk of drying them out.

The science behind this is that by elongating the lashes, the natural protective barrier is no longer effective. Our natural lash length provides 100% tailored protection for our eyes.

Made in Chelsea's Stephanie Pratt has naturally long lashes
Made in Chelsea's Stephanie Pratt has naturally long lashes

Researcher Guillermo Amador from Georgie Institute of Technology in Atlanta told the Mail Online: “Long, elegant, fake eyelashes aren't ideal.”

He continues: “They may look good, but they're not the best thing for the health of your eyes.”

Professor David Hu, who directed the study, said: “Our study demonstrates that eyelashes divert airflows, acting as a passive dust controlling system for the eyes.

“They reduce evaporation and particle deposition up to 50 per cent, indicating the evolution of eyelashes may have played a role in reducing the frequency of blinks, which replenish and clean the film of tears in the eye.

“Our experiments show that eyelashes of an intermediate length accrue the greatest benefits.”

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