Coping with stress: Advice from psychologist Emma Kenny

Our therapist and TV psychologist Emma Kenny is here to make sense of your emotional issues.


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Our therapist and TV psychologist Emma Kenny is here to make sense of your emotional issues.

Stress is a huge problem in modern society and accounts for the majority of sick days at work every year.

TV presenter and Strictly Come Dancing star Caroline Flack has talked openly about seeking professional help to deal with her stress levels (as has glamour model Katie Price) demonstrating that, no matter how 'perfect' your life may appear, you can still be affected.

Symptoms include feeling anxious, worrying about even the smallest of details, feeling that you are going to fail, struggling to sleep and believing that you can’t cope.


Coping with stress: advice from psychologist Emma Kenny

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Exercise! Taking part in any type of exercise is a great stress reliever, encouraging the release of happy brain chemicals.

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Don’t be afraid to seek help form your employer, friends, family or GP. Feeling supported can relieve the burden.

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Find time to relax and pamper yourself.

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Avoid cigarettes and alcohol – they increase stress levels. Instead, adopt a healthy eating plan. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

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Burying your head in the sand will prolong your stress. You can reduce this pressure by confronting challenging situations.

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Consider why you are stressed – identifying the root cause of the problem means you can treat it.

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Take stress seriously. Recognising the early signs and acting on them can make a huge difference.

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