The best cold and flu remedies to buy if you’re feeling under the weather

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Best cold and flu remedies

by Jade Moscrop |

With colds, flu and the dreaded virus still circulating around it is a good idea to find ways to boost your immune system. Natural home remedies such as turmeric, vitamin C and vitamin D3 are all excellent immune system boosters as well as many other supplements, oils and medicines.

No matter how much we try, we can never truly avoid the common cold. Even the healthiest person on the planet is susceptible.

If you're currently suffering and are in need of some cold and flu remedies, there are some things you can do to ease your symptoms and feel a little better.

Cold remedies that work

Staying hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids helps to combat dehydration and loosen up any congestion. You should drink water, hot water with honey and lemon, ginger tea, broths and soups to help kick the cold.

Getting some rest

Sleep is amazing, isn't it? It helps boost the immune system and can help you recover from a cold more quickly, so the most important thing to do while you're ill is to rest. Struggling to sleep? Invest in a diffuser and some essential oils to decongest your nose and a back support to help you breathe more easily.

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Relieving pain

Adults can take ibuprofen and paracetamol to combat the aches and pains that come with a cold. Having a hot bath is also great for soothing and relaxing muscles; add a few drops of Olbas Oil or eucalyptus oil to tackle your blocked nose, too.

Sooth a sore throat

Gargling saltwater is the simplest way to soothe a sore throat, but there are lots of lozenges, throat sprays and drinkable remedies available which will also help. Adding some clove essential oil to your diffuser will also help relieve throat pain.

Visiting your pharmacist

Attempting to get antibiotics for a common cold is a fruitless task - antibiotics attack bacteria, but not cold viruses. Plus, the more often you take them, the less likely they are to work for you in the future. Your pharmacist can recommend treatments depending on your symptoms and you can get everything you need right there and then.

Research natural cold and flu remedies

Taking certain supplements could help reduce your symptoms as well as help you get rid of your cold quicker. Here are some of the most popular:

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