Closer’s pregnancy blogger Suzanne Shaw: ‘Sam is fed up with my hormones!’

Closer's pregnancy blogger Suzanne Shaw shares with us her hopes for a home birth, partner Sam's ONLY pregnancy comlaint and why ice cream is her flavour of the week


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I had my second KG Hypnobirthing session this week with my lovely teacher Lottie Daley. I can't tell you enough how great I feel after. It's all about mind over matter in childbirth and obviously I'm hoping I'll be able to apply this method when I go into labour, but for the time being, it's really helping me with my hormones.

I've considered myself really lucky with this pregnancy. I've not suffered with morning sickness, all my check-ups have been fine which means I'm low risk and it's been plain sailing so far (touch wood!).

Suzanne with Lacey, swotting up on hypnobirthing!
Suzanne with Lacey, swotting up on hypnobirthing!

My only complaint, or should I say Sam's only complaint, is my hormones.

The mood-swings and sudden outbursts of crying have been a little challenging at times, but what I will say is that the Hypnobirthing sessions with my daily practicing- which I'm doing 10/20 minutes of meditation to get me into the relaxed zone- is working miracles for me. I'm feeling like a totally different person - so laid back and positive and as you can imagine, it's been needed with the growing bump in this heat.

Now I've made my decision on a home birth, I've really got my heart set on it and hoping it will work out that way. One thing they teach you in Hypnobirthing is to make affirmations on your perfect labour and birth. So, I'm currently writing little notes about my dream birth and sticking them up around the house.

I'm a great believer in positive thinking, it really does work and I think it's so important when things aren't so great, that you dig deep to find that positivity. I once heard someone say, negativity is a 'crap magnet' no one wants to be a 'crap magnet'!

Ice cream has become my latest craving- ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream please! My absolute favourite is the Cadbury's Crunchy. I dream about it day and night, but it's hard to get hold of. Luckily, if I can't get hold of it, I'm just as satisfied with a Mars. I'm trying my best not to over-indulge, but when I do, the baby has a mini party.

We are really starting to see the baby's different limbs poking out of my stomach now. Sometimes I even yelp in shock when it gives me a good old kick... It's getting strong. God knows what it's going to be like near the end - it will be like having a mini Mike Tyson growing inside me.

Suzanne, Sam and her cousin Krystina

I've got my eye on the 'Next 2 Me' cot by Chicco. I've heard they are brilliant. They are perfect for the baby to sleep in next to your bed. It opens up so it's like an extension to your own bed, but cot sized. It's great for the first 6 months, plus you can travel with them. I'm just deciding on what colour to go for and then I'll be getting that ordered.

My cousin Krystina came to visit us this weekend; it was so lovely to see her. We used to live together so a good old catch up was needed. We went to the local beer festival, however, we didn't stay for long because watching everyone try the local ales is not as near as much fun as it is joining in!

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