Christmas stress: How to deal with festive anxiety

As the festive season approaches it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Christmas. But for many people the holiday season can be a major source of anxiety

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From concerns about Christmas budgeting to finding yourself anticipating family disputes, here are some ways you can alleviate your festive woes and enjoy a more relaxed Christmas time.

Money worries

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Christmas can send your household and credit card bills sky rocketing. With presents, festive food and Christmas parties to keep up with it feels almost impossible to cut costs.

Before you dig deep into your savings or over draft, try and work out what you really NEED to buy over the festive season. Can you come to an agreement to take a break from Christmas gifts? Or plan a soiree in your own home to avoid expensive restaurants? Or why not indulge in Secret Santa?

Try and plan ahead for next year if you’re worried about money stresses. Put a bit of money in a savings account specifically for Christmas time that you can your family can all contribute to.

Family problems


Pressures from TV shows and films make Christmas seem like an idyllic family time. The truth is that there will inevitably be fall outs, lets face it how often do you spend THAT much time with all your family members?

If you have an unresolved issue with a particular family member, try and make a promise to not discuss it over Christmas lunch and buffer yourselves with other family members. Maybe your new year’s resolution can be to talk things through, but over Christmas try not to confront issues so directly.

Focusing on children is a great way to set your priorities when it comes to family quarrels, especially if you and your partner have split up. Enable their happiness even if it does mean enduring a bit of awkwardness.

Also try not to over indulge on alcohol. A few shandies in and you might end up saying something that you’ll regret.


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Though Christmas is often perceived as a happy time, for many people it can be a period of immense loneliness. Not everyone spends Christmas with loved ones, but if you find yourself planning a Christmas dinner for one there are ways you can combat loneliness.

Volunteer for a soup kitchen or animal shelter on Christmas day. This way you can be around others AND feel like you’ve made a difference.

If you’re worried about a loved one or even a neighbour being lonely at Christmas make sure you reach out to them. A friendly phone call can be a priceless gift over the festive period.

Time management


If you’re worried about getting everything done in time for Christmas try and organise your time appropriately.

Make a time table of ‘deadlines’ that you need to have completed tasks for e.g. buying presents, sending gifts abroad, ordering items online and buying your big Christmas food shop. You can also save money by being more prepared. This will calm your Crimbo nerves by a huge amount.

Staying healthy

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If there’s a way to put a downer on Christmas it’s getting poorly. Make sure you eat healthily and take care of yourself in the lead up to Christmas morning. Try and steer away from all the boozy nights on offer and stock up on protein-rich foods and Vitamin C. You’ll be full of energy come Xmas day!

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