The best ‘body sculpting’ moves for your dream figure

Want to sculpt your body like the stars? Check out these non-invasive, easy-peasy ways you can get the body of your dreams WITHOUT breaking the bank


by Fiona Day |
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Want a body like Kylie Jenner or Khloe Kardashian? You don’t have to go under the knife or invest in expensive treatments to get the figure of your dreams. Some simple exercises done every day (along with a healthy, balanced diet) is all you need.

The best way to change your body is through exercise. Pilates moves engage smaller muscle groups and work to elongate the body, giving you a flatter and more streamlined stomach and slimmer, toned limbs.

This easy-to-follow lower body workout will help you see improvements in a matter of weeks simply by doing a few exercises a day.** **

Pilates butt and thigh workout

To get a toned stomach, use these pilates moves to tighten and firm your abs, giving you an more enviably flat tum within a few sesssions.

**Pilates abs workout **

If it's lean arms that you're after, then just a few mini shoulder, bicep and tricep exercises will get you bingo-wing free and confident.

Try out this incredible workout video from home and watch your arms become slimmer and feel them get stronger!

Lean arms workout

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