Jillian Michaels: Ten ways to get fit for life!

Here, trainer Jillian Michaels teaches us how to stick to our get-fit goals.


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****The Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels has made a name for herself by getting thousands of people back in shape with her get-fit DVDs.

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  • **Crunches- Lie on your back. Curl up so your head,neck, and shoulders lift up. Hold, then lower yourself. **

  • Squats- with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, sit back as tou would into a chair. Push up to return to standing.

  • **Sit-ups- Lying down, place fingers to the side of the head, then raise into a sitting position. Lower back down.


  • **Lunges- Step forward with one leg until your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Step back and alternate with the other leg.


  • **Push-ups- Kneel with legs crossed, lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor and then push back up. **

  • **Jumping jacks- Stand with your feet together and arms down. Perform a star jump, then jump back to starting position. **


10 ways to get fit for life

'Iu2019ve struggled before why try again now?'1 of 10

'I’ve struggled before why try again now?'

Jillian says: “Most people fail because they make poor goals, generalizations like: “I want to be thinner.” But we need to think about what that will actually look like. Is it being able to wear a bikini on the beach? A meaningful goal you can picture in your head will be lasting source of inspiration.”

'Itu2019s too coldu2026 Iu2019m tiredu2026 Iu2019m stressed'2 of 10

'It’s too cold… I’m tired… I’m stressed'

“When you start thinking this way, you need to picture the end result of working out. One of the tricks I use is to say: ‘I’ll put in 15 minutes and, if I’m miserable stop.’ Usually, once you’re 15 minutes in, you find the energy to carry on.”

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“If your aim is to loose a huge amount of weight, reward yourself along the way. If your goal is to lose 3st, when you get to that treat yourself to a holiday, but if you lose 2lbs in a week, celebrate by downloading five new songs for your workout playlist. Just don’t eat pizza as a reward!”

'Thereu2019s just too much temptation!'4 of 10

'There’s just too much temptation!'

“If the office canteen always has junk and doughnuts, bring your own snacks to work. Do positive things, too- get your workout clothes ready to go for your morning jog and post inspirational images on your desktop.”

u2018Eating well is so complicatedu20195 of 10

‘Eating well is so complicated’

“Trust me, it’s really simple – if you eat too much food, no matter how good for you the food is, you will gain weight. You do have to count calories. And don’t eat processed foods (if there’s a really long list of ingredients and you haven’t heard of most of them, it’s probably processed).”

u2018I hate weighing myselfu20196 of 10

‘I hate weighing myself’

“Your scales aren’t there to make you judge yourself or be disappointed – they tell you if your current game plan is working. Use the same scaled once a week, on the same day of the week, at the same time, as a compass for your progress. If you’re not losing weight, you’ve got to switch something up.”

u2018I always pile weight back on againu20197 of 10

‘I always pile weight back on again’

“That’s usually the case when people use fad diets or exercise plans. Fad diets damage your metabolism and get you into a cycle of yo-yo dieting. You may loe weight while you’re doing it, as you’re starving your body, but when you start eating normally again, your body holds on to everything and you’ll put weight back on.”

u2018Iu2019m always hungryu20198 of 10

‘I’m always hungry’

“Let’s say you’ve had dinner, but you find yourself at the fridge before bed. Ask yourself: ‘Do I want sugar or could I eat a steak?’ If you could eat a steak, you’re probably actually hungry. If not, what’s really going on? Call a friend, take a bath- have things to turn to for comfort instead of food.”

u2018Iu2019m self-consciousu20199 of 10

‘I’m self-conscious’

“If you’re uncomfortable going to the gym, start with workout DVDs. If you don’t feel good in tight sports clothes, wear loose T-shirt over them. If there’s someone in the gym judging you, it isn’t your problem. Stay positive and focus on your goal.”

u2018Iu2019ve got no timeu201910 of 10

‘I’ve got no time’

“Make activity part of your daily routine. If you take your kids to the park, play hide and seek. If you’re at the office, deliver messages in person. When you’re working out, 20 minutes is enough (try my circuit, below) but the less time you have to work out, the harder you should work! Just do it in the most effective way possible.”

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