How to survive camping in style

Glastonbury may be over but there are plenty more festivals to come. Whether you're passing out in a field, glamping with the girls for the weekend or going travelling, we've found the ultimate camping survival kit

by Maddy Biddulph |
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How to survive camping in style

Pink and Mint Green with green lenses1 of 14

Pink and Mint Green with green lenses

Eastpak2 of 14


Bergghaus rucksack3 of 14

Bergghaus rucksack

Wilko picnic blanket4 of 14

Wilko picnic blanket

Wilko cool bag5 of 14

Wilko cool bag

Lily wellies6 of 14

Lily wellies

Rita raincoat7 of 14

Rita raincoat

WESC rain mac8 of 14

WESC rain mac

Wilko camp chair9 of 14

Wilko camp chair

parrot corkscrews10 of 14

parrot corkscrews

new croc WEB11 of 14

new croc WEB

digi radio WEB12 of 14

digi radio WEB

Women's Xenon X Hoodie WEB13 of 14

Women's Xenon X Hoodie WEB

best boot WEB14 of 14

best boot WEB

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