RECIPE: Vegan coconut yogurt

You can have this yogurt with fruit for breakfast or as part of a yummy dairy-free snack.


by Fiona Day |
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In a 16-ounce Mason jar, combine coconut milk and a high quality probiotic by opening the capsules and pouring the probiotic powder directly into the coconut milk. Discard the capsule. Close the lid tightly and shake.

Store the Mason jar in a cool, dark corner on your kitchen counter (away from the stove) for three days, shaking periodically. After three days, the yogurt is ready to be served. Or, if you prefer thicker yogurt, you can refrigerate it for up to one week. Refrigerated, thickened yogurt should be stirred prior to serving.

When ready to serve, slice up the fresh strawberries and add to the yogurt with a drizzle of pure maple syrup and some chopped nuts. Or, get creative with your own combination of berries, nuts, and granola.

Note: If your yogurt doesn't culture, one of two things may be happening. First, check to be sure the lid is properly sealed. Second, it could be your brand of probiotic. Try replacing with a higher quality choice.


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