RECIPE: Espresso Martini

Classic cocktails don't come much better than this...

Espresso Martinis

by Sophie Knight |
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Whatever the weather, an espresso martini is our go-to cocktail. It'll warm you up on cold nights, or perk you up on long summer evenings. It's super easy to make, and garnishing with a coffee bean makes it look instantly glam (without much effort at all).


30 ml coffee liqueur (we like Kahlua or Tia Maria)

30 ml Espresso coffee

30 ml Vodka

Coffee beans to garnish


Combine all ingredients together with cubed ice and shake. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with coffee beans.

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Espresso Martini Essentials

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, 700ml1 of 5

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

Perfect for making an espresso martini, but also great if you just want it over ice.

Tia Maria2 of 5

Tia Maria

Not as sweet as Kahlua, but with just as much of a kick (you can always add sugar, or sugar syrup, to your cocktail mixture if you want it sweeter).

Set of 4 Maxim Martini Glasses3 of 5

Set of 4 Maxim Martini Glasses

You'll need some proper martini glasses for this cocktail, and this set from M&S is a great price for four...

Set Of Two Deco Cocktail Glasses4 of 5

Set Of Two Deco Cocktail Glasses

...or go for an art deco pair for a more decadent cocktail hour.

illy Coffee, Classico Coffee Beans5 of 5

illy Coffee, Classico Coffee Beans

Perfect for adorning your cocktail, but also for making a coffee the next day when the hangover kicks in.

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