RECIPE: Beer braised brisket, blue cheese slaw tortilla with smokey tomato & chipotle relish

How delicious does this recipe, courtesy of Andy Bates and Branston, look?


by Ellie Hooper |
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In a small saucepan small enough for the beef to be covered in juices, marinade the beef overnight in the beer, honey and garlic.

The next day Pre heat the oven to 120c.

Into the oven place the saucepan with beef in lid on in and braise for around 3 hours until cooked and very tender. Carefully transfer the beef to a bowl, strain the cooking liquor to a pan and reduce to a glaze

With 2 forks pull the brisket apart and pour in the glaze and fold in.

Test for seasoning.

In a large bowl mix the cheese, buttermilk, vinegar and pepper until smooth.

Add the cabbage, carrot and red onion and stir to combine.

To serve, gently warm each tortilla in a large skillet,

Into each tortilla lay in 2 leaves baby gem lettuce, spoon in the slaw, scatter with Gherkins, then top with Brisket, squeeze over the relish, sprinkle with sliced jalapenos, using as much or little of each filling as you choose.

Fold in the bottom, then fold in the sides, wrap in foil and serve

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