RECIPE: Beef Stroganoff

This beef stroganoff is so good, we're almost certain it will make you look forward to your 5:2 fast days!


by Fiona Day |
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Heat a non stick frying pan and spray with some Frylight or Pam spray, add the beef tenderloin, season with salt and pepper and cooked until it starts to go golden. Remove and set aside.

Add the thyme to the beef stock.

Add the onions, garlic and mushrooms and couple of tablespoons of the stock to the frying pan and keep on a high heat to cook until golden, as the stock reduces keep adding more, repeating the process until only a 1/4 of the stock remains and the onion and mushrooms are nicely caramelised.

Add the beef tenderloin back to the pan and the rest of the stock with a splash of worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, tomato puree, paprika and mustard. Simmer until sauce has almost reduced, remove from heat and stir in the yoghurt.

Serve topped with some freshly chopped Italian parsley.

This dish can be served with rice, pasta or potatoes or serve with your choice of vegetables.

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