Michelle Heaton’s ultimate diet and fitness guide to keep you motivated

Michelle Heaton, reveals her top dieting and fitness tips to help you with your weightloss goals


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Michelle, who’s a qualified fitness instructor and nutritionist, follows a carefully devised diet plan- which she started two weeks after having baby son Aaron last year- with lots of lean protein, fresh veg, whole fruit, and at least two litres of water a day.

She stops eating starchy carbs after midnight and bans sugar ad all white carbs, except oats, which are wholegrain. She says “I have a coffee first thing, then I make a smoothie with oats, protein powder and water for after my workout.

Michelle also sticks to a healthy dinner of chicken, turkey or lean steak with veg. But she admits: “At first, I’d cheat on nights out and drink alcohol, so my weight loss halted.”

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Michelleu2019s easy diet tricks

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If you’re serious about losing weight, don’t have starchy carbs after midday.

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Don’t add sauces and condiments to your meals-they sneak in calories

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If you’re tempted to eat a chocolate bar, have an Options hot chocolate on standby!

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Swap semi-skimmed milk for skinned- it shaves off calories

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Take a daily vitamin C supplement, which helps to flush out excess water

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Drink lots of water- we often confuse thirst with hunger, when out body just needs to be watered

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I take fish oils everyday – your body needs healthy fats

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