Fridge raider: Lauren Goodger reveals her food secrets

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, 33, gives us a sneaky peek inside her fridge

Lauren Goodger diet food

by Georgina Terry |

How much do you spend per week?

Just before lockdown, I had family staying with me, so I was spending around £200, but now it’s around £50 a week. I tend to get a food delivery, and then nip to the shops to get milk, teabags, and bleach.

Describe your daily diet…

I’m not hungry when I wake up, so I usually just have a coffee. For lunch, I’ll have a tuna jacket potato and salad. In the evening, I like steak with broccoli and sautéed potatoes or mash, or I’ll swap the steak for salmon and put chilli and lemon on top and bake it. I’m not the best cook. I need lessons, and I’d love to be able to make a roast dinner. I’ve been getting Turkish food deliveries, because it’s easy, healthy food. I’ll get chicken shish, houmous, pitta, rice and salad.

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Lauren Goodger fridge
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What do you snack on?

I don’t tend to snack. I prefer real food. I’d rather have a toastie than a bag of crisps.

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What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

Oysters. I’ve had them once but I can’t stand them. It’s just something you eat to show off.

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Is there anything you refuse to eat?

Most seafood, especially cockles and crabsticks. I can’t stand raw fish. I don’t eat bananas and I hate avocados.

Favourite tipple?

I like either a light Prosecco, vodka with sparkling water, lemon and ice, or a Pornstar Martini. My favourite drink is actually just plain water.

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Guilty pleasure?

Indian food. I can’t handle hot spices, but I love a sweet dish like a korma with rice and naan.

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Hangover cure?

Carbs. Anything stodgy helps – either a McDonald’s burger, or tea and toast.

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The verdict?

nutritionist Juliette Kellow says, “Lauren’s meals are well balanced, and it’s great she prefers to snack on ‘real’ food – but a snack should have around 200 calories, so she could have fruit and yoghurt or a slice of wholegrain toast with nut butter. She should eat breakfast to boost energy, provide nutrients and fill her up, so she’s less likely to feel peckish.” @juliettekellownutritionist

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