Instagram’s best Christmas leftover recipe ideas

Fridge full of food? Here's how to eat it

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Chances are, you've got quite a lot of food left over after Christmas dinner.

Rather than picking at a bowl of turkey shavings and shovelling cranberry sauce into your mouth straight from the jar – which we know is tempting – there are things you can do with your leftovers to make them into actual meals.

The foodies of Instagram have been getting creative, so we've rounded up some of the best ideas to help you turn your Christmas leftovers into all manner of delicious things. Search the #christmasleftovers hashtag for more inspiration.

Bon appetit!

1. Nigella Lawson's Turkey and Glass Noodle Salad

Lovely Nigella's Christmas turkey gets a makeover in ths oriental-inspired dish. Find the recipe on her website.

2. Turkey and cranberry bruschetta

You don't have to be a famous chef to do tasty things with leftover turkey. Instagram user and baking enthusiast annjoying rustled up this easy, and yummy-looking, snack.

3. Russian potato salad

Wardee Harmon is a mum from Oregon who runs the website Traditional Cooking School. Her hearty meals use all-natural ingredients and are inspired by her grandmother's traditional recipes. To make her potato salad with your leftover Christmas spuds, follow her recipe.

4. Turkey pot pie

Who doesn't love a pie? Courtesy of Kerrymaid Dairy. Find the recipe here.

5. Meditteranean flatbread

Aussie cooks Will and Steve bunged their leftover Christmas meat onto a flatbread with spices and sultanas for this easy-to-cook, Meditteranean inspired sharing snack.

6. Turkey tartlets

Chef Stephanie Alexander's turkey tartlets can be customised with whatever dip, relish or chutney you want to add to the filling.

7. Pork tacos

Californian foodie Kiki D, aka thegirlwhoisalwayshungry (yup, tell us about it) had a pork roast on Christmas Day, and turned the leftovers into tacos. Turkey tacos would probably work just as well.

8. Christmas Dinner frittata

Private chef Jacob Castang threw his entire Christmas dinner into this frittata - we like his style.

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