6 Easy ways to add more fish into your family’s diet

Yep, it really is THIS simple...


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Granted, most mums find it tricky to increase their family's intake of fish without making mealtime a nightmare. But although the kids may nag at you, adding more fish into their diets is really important.

Registered dietician and TV presenter Lucy Jones told us that "eating more fish isn’t just about getting enough omega 3 fatty acids - it can also boost the amount of all-important protein in our diets, which can help to maintain strong bones and muscles – as well as reduce our intake of saturated fat (when compared to red meat)."

But is there a fuss-free way to increase your intake of fish? Well, yes - with these six easy recipes....

1. Simple Tuna Fish Cakes


Ditch the burgers and treat your family to some tasty tuna fish cakes instead. As well as being a modern twist on a traditional meal, replacing red meat with canned tuna in brine or springwater can help reduce your family's intake of saturated fat, as this tuna typically contains just 0.1g saturated fat per 100g. Bonus!

Ingredients to serve 4:


      2. Tuna and Red Leicester Jackets


      Jacket potatoes are a classic family dinner that will never go out of style. To spice them up, make a delicious creamy tuna and cheese topping. Mmm!

      Ingredients to serve 4:


          3. TLT Club


          An easy-peasy way to add fish into your family's diet is with the help of an irresistible TLT club. And the good news is: you hardly have to do any prep-work to whip up this winning lunch. Simply toast some bread, slice some vegetables and crack open a can of tuna. Job done.

          Ingredients to serve 4:


              4. Tuna and Avocado Salad


              Switch up your usual salad for this refreshing tuna and avocado one. It's light, it's tasty and it will contribute to your recommended diet of two portions of fish per week. Basically, it's a winning combo!

              Ingredients to serve 4:


                  5. Tuna Pasta Bake


                  Pasta bakes always go down a treat at dinnertime - but they aren't always made with nutrition in mind. This tuna version is however, and it's perfect for tricking the kids into eating something that's high in protein and low in saturated fat. Ssh, let's keep this our little secret!

                  Ingredients to serve 4:


                      6. Tuna Pasta Salad


                      Fill up hungry tummies at lunch or dinnertime with this scrumptious tuna pasta salad, which you can whip up in under 15 minutes.

                      Ingredients to serve 4:


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