The Paleo diet: Does it work? Everything YOU need to know

Heard of the name 'Paleo diet' but not much else? We have all the FAQs covered over one of the diet world's fastest growing trends.


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What is it?

Also called the caveman diet, the stone age diet or the hunter gatherer diet.

The science behind the diet is a theory that humans have not been able to evolve fast enough to cope with the rich ingredients in modern supermarket foods. In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle and avoid weight gain or lose weight, followers of the diet choose to focus on protein and vegetable based food, avoiding refined sugar and dairy products.

According to scientists, Paleothic humans (our Stone Age ancestors) lived longer and suffered less from diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity and pulmonary disease.

What does it involve?

Many staunch followers avoid grain-based food too, but more updated versions of the diet include some grain-based foods as a means to encourage a balanced diet.

The Paleo diet involves cutting out unhealthy, sugary foods
The Paleo diet involves cutting out unhealthy, sugary foods

The diet requires

    The diet excludes

      Who follows it?

      Celebrity followers include Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison, actress Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel and Megan Fox. Jessica Biel said about the diet: "It just leans you down and slims you up and takes that little layer of fat, skin, and water-weight right off your body.”

      Jack Osbourne started following a Paleo eating plan after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He praised the plan for it’s ‘anti-inflammatory’ benefits, easing his symptoms.

      Will it help me lose weight?

      Due to cutting out refined sugars and processed carbohydrates, weight loss is almost certainly a positive side-effect of the diet. Eating foods high in protein help curb your appetite and prevent you from craving stodgy foods.

      Those who endorse the Paleo diet only eat food that our Stone Age ancestors lived on- so no food

      Will I miss out valuable nutrients on the Paleo diet?

      Nutritionists have expressed concern about not getting enough levels of calcium following the Paleo eating plan. The best way to combat this is to eat plenty of green vegetables and nuts to help replenish calcium levels- important to keep your bones, hair and skin healthy.

      What are the health benefits?

      Aside from weight loss, the Paleo diet encourages dieters to cut down on sugar and fatty foods, making them less at risk of developing type-2 diabetes or heart disease.

      Check out our favourite Paleo recipes in the gallery below:


      Paleo diet recipes

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      Paleo Chilli

      This recipe is great for those following the Paleo diet, and so eas to make!

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      Tuscan Chicken Skillet

      This delicious recipe works great as a Paleo lunch or dinner.

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      Paleo pancakes

      Looking for a Paleo breakfast? These pancakes might be just the trick.

      Paleo cauliflower biscuits4 of 5

      Paleo cauliflower biscuits

      These Paleo biscuits are perfect served with a side of veg or along with a juicy slice of chicken breast.

      Coconut chicken curry5 of 5

      Coconut chicken curry

      This delicious curry recipe is perfect for those following a Paleo diet plan.

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