Which celebrities swear by the Dukan Diet?

Dukan diet

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Upping the anti on your health regime can feel like a chore to add your evergrowing list and if it involves lots of cabbage soup (!!) it gets a strong no from us.

So our eternal quest for a diet plan that will have us feeling confident in an LBD, but not being left out during family dinners, has led us to the Dukan diet.

But which celebrities swear by the Dukan diet and it's miraculous claims...

Remind me: What is the Dukan Diet again?

It’s a high-protein, low-carb diet that’s designed to help you lose weight fast and keep it off for good – as long as you follow the rules, of course!

The first two phases really restrict what you eat, meaning only protein and vegetables are allowed. Owh. There is no limit on how much you can eat however, but if your weakness is breads and pastries this diet is going to be a toughie.

After the first two phases, you can slowly add back other food groups to your diet and you eventually get two cheat meals a week, which definitely sounds more like it.

The idea is that the unlimited lean protein will help to keep you fuller for longer, meaning you will less want to grab a chocolate biccie at 4pm.

If you are tempted, give our guide to whether the Dukan diet is safea read over.

But onto the star power behind this diet’s rise to the top...

Which celebrities have done the Dukan diet?

Welsh songstress Katherine Jenkins swears by the high-protein regime. And she’s admitted to trying her fair share of celeb ‘faddy’ diets in her time, including the cabbage soup diet and Atkins.

Katherine Jenkins uses the Dukan diet to stay in shape

After turning to the Dukan diet, it seems she’s cracked the secret to staying at a healthy weight and looking great. She said, “it’s all about finding a balance. I eat a lot of fish and vegetables, so it works for me, but my weakness is bread and chocolate.” We feel your pain, Katherine!

Kate Middleton was also reportedly on the diet in the run-up to the royal wedding. It’s said her mother Carole recommended it after losing four pounds in just four days. That weight loss success was thanks to strictly munching her way through a pile of prawns and cottage cheese. You might need an iron stomach to survive on this diet! Which leads us onto…

Kate Middleton wedding weight loss

Which celebrities hate the Dukan diet?

TOWIE star and former glamour model Maria Fowler has revealed the unpleasant side of being on the Dukan diet for a month. She says that living on just oat bran and protein led to mood swings, headaches and extreme hunger pains that weren’t worth a slimmer figure. Bad breath and constipation are some other unwelcome side effects of the diet.

Eastenders actress Lacey Turner also hated the restricting diet. “I did the Dukan Diet, just meat and vegetables, and it’s so boring“, she said. "It’s true – eating as much as you want might not feel all that satisfying after meal after meal of poached chicken and steamed broccoli."

Lauren Goodger is another Essex girl who’s tried the diet out and hasn't been thrilled with the results. She’s spoken out about fad diets in general, revealing how she’s messed up her metabolism with a series of intense regimes. Dramatic changes to how you’re eating (or yo-yo dieting) can trick the body into thinking it’s in starvation mode. Then when you increase your food intake, your body wants to hold onto all the nutrients it can – making it harder to lose weight in general in the future.

Lauren Goodger’s not a fan of the strict diet

So, should you try the Dukan diet?

Follow the rules and you could lose up to ten pounds in the first week, but fast results might not always be worth it. While the diet does claim to keep you full, living off lean protein for days at a time isn’t very appealing and makes eating with friends and family a bit tricky.

As well as being pretty dull, the Dukan diet cuts out essential food groups. If you do decide to go ahead with the diet, don’t overdo the pure-protein stage and make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamins from supplements.

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