Delicious cocktail recipes for National Rum Day

What better excuse to make a delicious rum punch, than for National Rum Day? Get into the spirit with our fave recipes suggested by Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell below!


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Coconut Re-entry

    Blend all the ingredients (except the rum) with a scoop of ice until slushy. Serve in a coconut shell. For the re-entry garnish, remove the pulp from the lime then float the shell on the surface of the drink. Partly fill the shell with then 151 rum. Ignite and serve.

    Created by Tiki author & historian Jeff Beachbum Berry.

    Myrtle Bank punch

      Shake all the ingredients together and serve over fresh ice in a double rocks glass.

      Originally made at the Myrtle Bank Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica. Built in the mid 1800s, the Myrtle Bank,

      was converted from a shipyard into a select boarding house. After the hotel was destroyed in the 1907

      earthquake it was reconstructed in 1918 and was then the largest hotel in Jamaica with 205 rooms and

      a filtered salt water pool.

      White Lion Cocktail

        Shake all ingredients and serve over crushed ice in a double rocks glass. Garnish with berries in season.

        A rare rum drink from Jerry Thomas's cocktail book called 'The Bartenders Guide or How to mix drinks' written in 1862.

        Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell launches Rum Experience Week October 12th - 18th, a new week long series of events taking over London and showcasing new and exciting ways to enjoy rum. Event tickets and more info here

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