Corrie’s Catherine Tyldesley shares post-Christmas diet tips

Catherine Tyldesley

by Emily-Rose Fedorowycz |
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34-year-old Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley has taken to social media to share snaps of her bloated post-Christmas belly

The star uploaded two side-on pictures to the Instagram account that she shares with her personal trainer husband Tom, posing in just underwear to show off her bloated belly.

The posts came with some advice on how Catherine will be 'beating the bloat' this Christmas. She captioned one of them: "As promised, here are our top tips for avoiding bloating! *Avoid Constipation...if constipation is a regular problem seek medical advice immediately

*Rule Out Wheat Allergies or Lactose Intolerance! I personally am severely intolerant to cows milk- I look around 6 months pregnant upon consumption. Try keeping a food diary for a week to help rule certain foods out! *Don't Eat Too Fast! We are all guilty of this! Especially at Christmas when ALL that food seems to taste extra gorgeous!

*Drop the fizzy Drinks! No brainer! These drinks create gas, couple these bubbles with artificial sweeteners and you’ll find yourself pretty bubble-like! *Watch Out for Sugar-Free Foods, some of the ingredients may cause gas/bloating *Limit Salt - too much sodium can cause your body to hold onto extra water (ladies is is especially important for us just before ‘ladies week’)

*Don’t eat too many gas inducing vegetables. When you do eat them chew thoroughly! (Sprouts etc are VERY good for us, but if you’ve got a party to get to , you might want to choose a more socially acceptable veg... if you know what I mean!) *Keep active

*Drink plenty of water - this is a golden rule - ALWAYS. But especially important if you’re drinking more alcohol than normal and eating junk!

Catherine remarkably shrunk down to her current size at age 18, when she weighed over 15 stone and was a clothes size 22.

We are SO inspired by Catherine's weight loss journey. Will you be taking on some of her fitness advice in the new year? We'd love to hear from you over on our FacebookFacebook and TwitterTwitter pages.

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