Food and eating out is a recipe for rows at Christmas

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Eat, drink and be merry? We wish!

Christmas is great but let's be honest, it's almost impossible to make it through the holidays without at least one big family row.

And although Christmas is supposed to be a time to eat, drink and be merry, some new research by Italian restaurant chain Zizzi has found that food and eating out is often at the centre of festive disputes.

The survey of over 2,000 Brits found that while 70% of people plan to dine out with friends and family over Christmas, a fifth of people said it was likely that there'd be a disagreement over the venue.

Unsurprisingly, dietary restrictions are another sore point over Christmas (anyone whose parents think their vegetarian or veganism is 'just a phase' will already know this!).

Amazingly, Zizzi discovered that a whopping 68% of Brits would compromise their eating habits to avoid an argument as they believe getting along with family and friends is more imporant than their dietary needs!

In fact, 63% of vegans admitted to having 'relaxed' their principles when eating out, and 73% of people with a gluten intolerance risked feeling sick by eating something they shouldn't when there were no non-gluten options on the menu.

GALLERY: Top 10 items that HAVE to be in a winning roast dinner


Roast dinner SLIDER

sunday roast1 of 10

3. Gravy

Unsurprisingly, gravy also scored pretty highly on the roast dinner essentials... although apparently more and more Brits are putting ketchup on their roasts. Shocking!

sunday roast2 of 10

6. Broccoli

For those who are keen to get their five-a-day, brocolli is a must-have on their Sunday lunch plate.

sunday roast3 of 10

8. Peas

Although peas aren't traditional roast dinner fare, they were the third most popular with veg among Brits polled.

sunday roast4 of 10

2. Meat

Of course, it wouldn't be a roast without the meat (or nut roast for all the vegies and vegans out there!). And when it comes to roast meats, chicken still reigns supreme.

sunday roast5 of 10

1. Roast potatoes

The top item Brits want on their roast dinner plates are, of course, roasties!

sunday roast6 of 10

4. Carrots

And the most popular veg to have with a roast dinner? Carrots, of course!

sunday roast7 of 10

5. Yorkshire pudding

Despite the fact that Yorkshire puddings are only traditionally served with roast beef, 75% of Brits said they think Yorkies go with ANY roast meat. We couldn't agree more!

sunday roast8 of 10

9. Parsnips

Sweet and sticky, Brits love a roast parsnip on their Sunday lunch plate.

sunday roast9 of 10

7. Stuffing

Who's ever said no to a stuffing ball? Certainly not us!

sunday roast10 of 10

10. Brussels sprouts

And there we were thinking no one really like Brussels sprouts! How wrong we were!

Commenting on the findings, Jo Fawcett, Marketing Director at Zizzi (who have vegan, non-gluten and low-calorie options) - explained: "We are proud of the diverse selection of dishes we offer at our restaurants nationwide. With specialist diets now commonplace, we understand the importance of being able to cater to a range of preferences and needs."

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