Chocolate lovers, get excited: science says it’s GOOD for you!

chocolate good for you diabetes

by Francesca Specter |
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We don't know about you, but we certainly can't beat our 3pm chocolate habit – now a new study says it could lower our risk of obesity and diabetes.

Yes, that's right: your favourite treat has proven health benefits, according to scientists at Brigham Young University in the US.

It's all to do with compounds in cocoa beans called 'epicatechin monomers', which are said to boost the body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels, in a recent study conducted on animals.

chocolate good for you diabetes
Opt for dark chocolate – it has less sugar and more cocoa. (Credit: Getty) ©Getty

This lowers your risk of type-2 diabetes, a life changing condition that affects one in 16 of us here in the UK.

"These results will help us use these foods to potentially even delay or prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes," explained the study's co-author Andrew Neilson, assistant professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

What's more, another study earlier this summer found chocolate could boost brain power too, thanks to a different component called flavanols.

chocolate good for you diabetes
Everything in moderation, right? (Credit: Getty) ©Getty

The beneficial effects range from a boosted memory and an increased attention span – so you won't find yourself switching off in the middle of important meetings!

Well, scientists, we've heard you loud and clear: eat a lot more chocolate. And the darker the better, too: dark chocolate has less sugar and more of that health-boosting cocoa content, meaning you're more likely to reap the benefits.

Sounds good to us!

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