The best (and most delicious) restaurant meal kits that were made for date night

Because a ready meal doesn't exactly scream romance 😂

best restaurant diy kits

by Lucy Smith and Aimee Jakes |

Restaurant meal kits are not just another foodie trend, but a revolution that means eating a top-notch meal in your pyjamas and not having to worry about a babysitter.

What dreams are made of, eh?

The meal kits are delivered straight to your door for you to cook at a time that suits you. Forget planning, food waste and hunting down a (very) niche ingredient in your local Sainsbury's - this handy innovation has done that hard work for you.

If you're craving it, there'll be someone selling it. Truffle burgers, fancy pasta dishes, Indian cuisine - even some Michelin-starred restaurants have introduced DIY restaurant boxes.

With that in mind, we've rounded up the best meal kits the UK has to offer. From fancy date nights to family favourites, we've got it all...


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Aquavit meat hamper
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CREDIT: Aquavit

With Scandinavian-inspired dishes including pulled Venison Bao, this meal kit will bring the date night luxury you'd been hoping for right into the heart of your home. The flavour in these dishes is unparalleled and, if you're up to the cooking challenge, you won't regret picking this kit. You'll need a bit of cooking know-how (timings, temps etc.) and there'll be a fair few pans to wash up afterwards, but if you and your S/O are cooking fiends, then we'd be hard pressed to find a reason why you won't love this kit. Plus, there's a fish and vegetarian version to suit all tastes/diets

My Supper Hero burger kits
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If you're looking for the most delicious burger of your life (no seriously!) we recommend The Supper Hero's burger kits. It comes with all the fresh ingredients prepared for you and it took around 15 minutes to cook. With sublime ingredients (think: red wine truffled beef and Gruyere cheese) we were so impressed with how easy this was to rustle up. We did end up adding our own chips though, so something to consider if you're especially hungry.

Spinach & ricotta u2018mezzaluna’ ravioli with sage butter for 2
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CREDIT: Bancone

You probably won't find a quicker meal to cook (and eat) than this one. In approx four minutes you'll have gorgeous ravioli and in another ten you'll have a full tum. The beauty of this kit is its simplicity, but if you want something that feels more 'occasion' suitable, it might not be your bag. Though, add a bottle of wine to any meal and you've instantly upped the ante.

A night in with Rudy's
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CREDIT: Rudy's

If you're looking for something a little more family-friendly, this one is for you. We're talking four pizzas (two of which are 100% kid-friendly), all pre-assembled and all just as delicious as if you were having them in-store at Rudy's. Unlike a lot of kits, this one only requires you to put the pizzas in the oven. That's it, and in 10 minutes you and the fam will be munching away. Plus, once the kiddies are off to bed, the kit includes two negroni cocktails, two beers AND a bottle of prosecco. We don't know about you, but we think that sounds like a pretty fun night in.

DIY Shoryu Kit - Shoryu Ganso Ramen, 500 g, 2 servings
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CREDIT: Shoryu

If you and your beau are Japanese food lovers, then you seriously need to check out the Shoryu kits. There are meat, veggie and even gluten-free kits and the 12-hour tonkatsu soup stock is out of this world. Plus, the laborious 12-hour part is all done and dusted before you even receive the kit. Slurping soup might not be the most romantic look for date night, but the Shoryu flavours are unreal, and you and your S/O should treat each other to a night of messy eating in exchange for a bowl of heavenly ramen. Now, that's real love.

Dishoom bacon roll naan kit
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CREDIT: Dishoom

If you work night shifts, or a romantic meal isn't quite your cuppa tea, then we'd like to step in with the suggestion of breakfast in bed. This bacon naan kit has got us questioning where we ever liked a regular bacon butty and, in all honesty, you just have to try it. There's minimal washing up, and all the tricky naan-making is done for you. Just roll out your naans and pop them in a pan, and then under the grill. It's pretty easy to do and, if we were on the receiving end of this breakkie, we'd feel pretty smitten.

Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson Kit
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CREDIT: Patty & Bun

Patty and Bun is, in our opinion, one of the best burger joints in the UK. Their burgers promise juicy-pink beef with flavour-packed accoutrements (the caramelised onion is DELISH) and, though we deeply miss going to their restaurants, the DIY kit is a fab alternative. Available in vegan and meat kits, the Patty and Bun at-home box can be up and down-sized and it's pretty simple to cook, too. Just fry the burgers for a couple of mins and slap 'em in the buns. But, a quick heads up, you'll need to provide your own lettuce and tomato, and maybe some chips, too, if you're hungry enough.

Three Course Meal and Wine at Home Dining Experience with Banquist for Two
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CREDIT: Banquist

Another one for the keen chef, this three courser from Buy A Gift and Banquist is a bit of hard work, but the payoff is unreal. You'll get a bottle of vino to relax those pre-cooking nerves and the Banquist chef demonstration will dismiss all the stress of ambiguous cooking instructions. The dishes you'll produce will be Michelin star quality (from scallops to beef rump) and your S/O will love tucking into something you made for them.

Pizza Express 1 American Hot and 1 Margherita
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CREDIT: Pizza Express

It's the pizza chain you know and love, and their DIY kit will bring you the same reliable Italian flavour in the heart of your home. This kit is a bit more of an activity for you and your S/O, but all the sticky, tricky dough making will be sorted for you (apart from the proving, which takes around an hour). After you've left the dough to rise, just roll it out, add some passata and toppings and you're good to go. Plus, it may not be Michelin-starred food, but have you ever had a bad Pizza Express? We certainly haven't...dreams of dough balls.

Wing Shack Co. buffalo and honey sesame chicken wings
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CREDIT: Wing Shack Co.

Ok, this one is messy AF. Seriously, the kit includes two BIBS. But, if you and your partner are way past the tiptoeing around each other stage, then you might as well enjoy your date night with some delish chicken wings. Plus, you're in your own home - who's going to judge? They're pretty easy to cook up and there's enough food for four, too.

The Plattery charcuterie platter
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CREDIT: The Plattery

If you have zero time on your hands, this is the kit for you. Everything arrives ready to eat, and you can up and downsize the boxes to suit your household/family. The box does come vacuum packed, so it's not quite the same as a super fresh charcuterie board, but if you're looking to save time it's a fab option.

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