Back to the Future: Fun recipes to mark Marty McFly’s big day

Celebrate Back to the Future day with these AMAZING recipes. Why not throw your own BTTF party?


by Fiona Day |
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Dehydrated pizza

Sadly Pizza Hut have yet to perfect the dehydrated pizzas seen in Back to the Future 2. But you can still make your own at home with the help of this easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial.

Giant chocolate hoverboard brownie

Yup, a delicious brownie in the shape of Marty's AMAZING 2015 hoverboard. We don't yet have hoverboards but we don't mind this version at all!

'Uncle Jailbird Joey' cake

Remember when Uncle Joey didn't make parole and they had to eat his celebration cake without him? Now you can make your own 'jailbird' cake with this simple recipe.

Back to the Future cupcakes

Make these tasty cupcakes and enjoy them whilst you take in the trilogy at home. We love the 'save the clock tower' design.

'Milk, Chocolate'

Up your sass like George McFly with some chocolate milk. It gave him the confidence to approach Lorraine about being his date for the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance... it could work wonders for your mood!

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