Fridge raider: Anna Williamson’s food secrets

TV star Anna Williamson, 50, on her eating habits

Anna Williamson fridge

by Closer staff |

How much do you spend per week?

About £150 for me, my husband Alex and our kids, Vincenzo, five, and Elenora, two. I do one big online shop and then visit the supermarket and our local farm shop for fresh food when we need it.

Describe your daily diet…

Breakfast is usually scrambled eggs with butter, salt and pepper, avocado and cherry tomatoes. I stick to three meals a day as it helps me stay at the weight I want. In between meals, I drink Pukka herbal tea, especially the liquorice flavour. It keeps me hydrated and is good for my mental health as I’m not over-stimulated with caffeine. For lunch, I’ll have a jacket potato with beans or tuna and salad. I also love a homemade soup with bread and butter. For our evening meal, my husband and I will have a cottage pie, a chilli or salmon fillets with rice, broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

Is there anything you refuse to eat?

Cucumber. As a child I was given cucumber sandwiches wrapped in clingfilm and they got all sweaty in my school lunchbox.

Strangest thing you’ve eaten?

In China I ate pig’s lung soup which wasn’t very nice and it was served with deer penis wine!

anna williamson fridge
inside anna's fridge ©MARCO VITTUR

What would you cook to impress?

I’d do a home curated buffet with fresh meats.

What would you order for a takeaway?

We have a lovely Japanese restaurant near us, so I’d order a black miso cod or sushi.

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Nutritionist Juliette Kellow says, “As Anna has found, eating regular meals can help to prevent hunger, making it easier to manage our weight.

“Her meals look good, but she needs to watch her salt and saturated fat intake – for a healthy heart, it’s better to limit these.

“Butter, sausages and chorizo are high in both, while chocolate and full-fat milk are packed with saturates, and sauces and pickles are high in salt.”

Anna is working with Sainsbury’s on the launch of the supermarket’s Inspired To Cook product range

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