Tumble star Amelle Berrabah’s toning tips: How to get her fit, athletic figure

Former Sugababe and Tumble star Amelle Berrabah talks training seven days a week, late-night cheese sarnies and her new moves in the bedroom!

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Singer Amelle shot to fame as a member of the pop band Sugababes. Throughout her time in the band she maintained a slim figure, but after her days touring and dancing everyday were over Amelle got herself into a new fitness routine.

Since appearing on BBC gymnastics show Tumble, the 30-year-old has involved the discipline into her everyday fitness.

Diet-wise, Amelle normally has a protein-rich diet, but during training she’s been topping it up with protein shakes and bars. She also rarely drinks (before Tumble, the last time she had wine was on her birthday in April!).

“I do a 10k run and cycle around 12 miles at least once a week,” the Tumble star says.

Amelle with Tumble partner Doug Fordyce

To help keep her fitness levels up, Amelle's daily diet typically involves:

Breakfast: Two poached eggs on toast, plus a bowl of porridge en route to training.

Lunch: Grilled or roasted chicken with chips, a side salad and coleslaw

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese with a green salad. Plus cheese sandwich before bed.

Snacks: Protein bars and shakes, plus chocolate rice cakes and a packet of crisps.

Read about her top diet and fitness tips below


Amelle's training schedule and 3,000-calorie diet

Abs work, crunches, sit ups and chin-ups1 of 4

Abs work, crunches, sit ups and chin-ups

45 mins, every day

Strength exercises, suspended from a giant hoop2 of 4

Strength exercises, suspended from a giant hoop

2 ½hrs, 2-3 times a week

Jumps, cartwheels and acrobatics on the beam3 of 4

Jumps, cartwheels and acrobatics on the beam

45 mins, every other day

Acrobatics and tumbling4 of 4

Acrobatics and tumbling

1-2hrs, every day

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