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Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world, with 2.5 billion of us having a cup of it every day. There’s no problem a good cup o’ joe can’t solve – so ahead of World Coffee Day on Sunday 1st October, we’ve gathered seven fool-proof signs you’re one of the many of us who are addicted to the beautiful beans...

  • It’s a daily necessity

A day without a coffee is like a summer without sun. It’s unthinkable – you’ve got to have at least one a day. You don’t bat an eyelid at the price or on the fact that you spend a substantial amount of your salary on a cup of something you could make for free in your office/home kitchen. £4 for a nut-milked latte? No problem.

  • You look at it on Instagram

You may follow some annoying people on social media but if they post a snap of a perfectly coifed cappuccino on Instagram, they’re getting a like. You may even follow a café or coffee-related account that posts pictures of the swirling, milky deliciousness or of cats made out of the foam.

No doubt Gigi Hadid will be celebrating World Coffee Day...hopefully without the rollers
No doubt Gigi Hadid will be celebrating World Coffee Day...hopefully without the rollers ©No doubt Gigi Hadid will be celebrating World Coffee Day...hopefully without the rollers
  • The coffee seasons excite you

You get excited for the change of seasons because of the exciting variations of coffee. When the leaves start falling off the trees and the days get chillier, you know you’ll soon be cosying up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte. But when the temperature warms up, you know it’s iced coffee season – where a Coffee Cooler is what will get you through the coming months.

  • Feeling warm inside when you think about it**

There’s just nothing like looking down at your immaculate macchiato or your dark and steamy black Americano and knowing that it’s here and ready for you to enjoy. Getting a coffee is a real treat - you’ve even replied ‘You too’ when the Pret barista hands you your coffee and says ‘Enjoy’ because of the pure happiness it brings.

  • You’re not you until you’ve had a cup**

While some people can wake up refreshed and energised, you’re a shell of a person before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. You’ve done things like glare at innocent children or walk into lampposts on your way to work because you’re only 30% you. But after your first sip, you’re back on form and ready to take the day.

  • You’ve travelled far and wide to get your coffee**

If your favourite coffee shop is across town, nothing’s going to stop you going there – wind, rain and complicated bus journeys are nothing compared the delicious reward at the end of your venture.

  • You’ve been late for events because - coffee**

Sometimes you’re faced with the dilemma of getting coffee and being late for something, or going without – and it’s a no-brainer really. A few minutes are trivial in comparison to the sweet sip of a freshly-made mocha.

To celebrate World Coffee Day, coffee roasters Julius Meinl are on a mission with their Meet With A Poem campaign, demonstrating the power of poetry as payment. Across 17 counties worldwide, the Viennese coffee experts are inviting customers to hit the pause button on their hectic schedule and dedicate time to reconnect with a friend or loved one, using poetry to say the unsaid things and enjoy a free coffee on Julius Meinl!

To find out how you can take part, visit here, or watch the Meet With A Poem social experiment here{ =nofollow}. Follow the social conversation using #MeetWithAPoem and #PoetryForChange

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