Zac Efron reveals naked scenes in new movie were all him and admits he would go all the way on a first date

During a Twitter Q&A the star answered questions about his new film That Awkward Moment.


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In one scene, the 26-year-old is naked and balancing over a toilet and Zac told fans he is proud to perform his own stunts,

He tweeted: “What was it like planking naked over a toilet seat? Dangerous, risky, challenging – but, I always take pride in the fact I do my own stunts.”

While that may be embarrassing for some, the 17Again star said that being embarrassed and failing is how he grows as a person.

He said: “I’m constantly embarrassed. I believe that I learn more from my failures than my successes.”

Zac used the Twitter chat to thank fans for their support during his stint in rehab for drug addiction
Zac used the Twitter chat to thank fans for their support during his stint in rehab for drug addiction

Last year Zac entered rehab for cocaine addiction and, during the Q&A, admitted that, after getting clean, he went hiking through mountains to gain ‘spiritual escape.’

“I went to see Nepal, the Andes, there’s several mountain ranges I want to get lost in. They’re my spiritual escapes.”

During the Twitter chat, Zac took the time to thank his fans for all of their support.

The star, who used to date actress Vanessa Hudgens, says that he wouldn't object to going all the way on a first date

He tweeted to his 7.4 million followers: “Some of the fan letters really get me. Sincerely, I feel their love and appreciate how much they stand by me.”

The actor showed his funny side when he said he was ‘triple’, after being asked if he was single.

Speaking to a US publication last week, Zac said that he has no objection to sleeping with someone on a first date.

He said: “Sex is a beautiful thing. I don’t object.”

We’re sure his millions of fans wouldn’t, either!

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