X Factor’s Chawner sisters blast mum on Jeremy Kyle: ‘She framed us for her murder’

They’re know for their terrible X Factor auditions, but Emma and Samantha Chawner have appeared on The Jeremy Kyle show for very different reasons


by Jack White |
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Emma and Samantha went on the show to speak with their mum Audrey, who allegedly abused her two daughters before abandoning the family.

Remembering a time her mum mistreated her, Samantha said: “I’ve was ill and you were pinching me and hitting me.

“It just made me feel sick, the way she’s treated me, my sister and my dad.”

Emma and Sam made it clear they didn't want their mum to come home
Emma and Sam made it clear they didn't want their mum to come home

But Audrey didn’t appear bothered by her daughter’s upset, in fact she only had one thing on her mind- a scarf.

Audrey responded: “One thing I’m going to ask you for, Emma, is I want my Man Utd scarf please.”

Perhaps most shocking off all, though, was the sisters’ claim that when their mum disappeared she essentially framed them for her murder.

Emma said: “We got blamed for murdering you by the police!”

Unsurprisingly, Emma, Samantha and their dad were adamant they didn’t want Audrey back in their lives.

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