Woohoo! John Thomson confirms Cold Feet is coming back for series 7

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by Wendy Douglas |
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When it was announced that Cold Feet was returning to our screens last year a collective cheer could be heard across the UK.

And when it aired and turned out not to be a massive let down we all cheered again. Those who remember the show from the first time around are rather precious about its characters and the last thing we wanted was for it to be a pale imitation of the show we knew and loved in the late 1990s.

But we needn't have worried and today there was more good news as John Thomson, who plays Pete in the comedy drama, confirmed it would be coming back again this September. Let raucous celebrations commence.

Appearing on Loose Women today the actor said: 'Date for your diaries. Cold Feet will be back on September 11’.

And earlier this year the programme's creator, Mike Bullen, described how he's approaching the latest series: 'Twenty years ago, when Cold Feet began, I was just trying to write a show that would amuse and hopefully move my own generation. That remains the aim. We don’t face the same issues, but there are still issues to be faced.'

coldfeet, johnthomson,
John Thomson will be back as Pete Gifford this autumn (CREDIT: ITV) ©ITV

Well we can not wait to see these beloved characters back on our screens.

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