White Dee supports benefit cuts: ‘They made it too easy for people to sit at home’

Even after having made a name for herself with Benefits Street.


by Megan Sirisena |
Published on

Before she made it on to Celebrity Big Brother, White Dee's claim to fame was being featured on the controversial Channel 4 documentary that looked at those who were benefit-dependent. And yet she has now told Total Politic magazine that she's "always kind of supported" the Government's proposed £18billion welfare cuts.

She argues that "people on benefits shouldn't have more to live on than someone who is at work 40 hours a week". She confessed that while she was on welfare she claimed £220 every week and admits that she knows "people who work 40-plus hours a week who probably haven't got £200 a month cash to spend".

However, with The Sun she firmly maintained that being on welfare cannot be considered 'scrounging': "How is it scrounging when you're just claiming what the Government says you're entitled to?"

Whatever her viewpoint, Dee has long past left those early days. With her plans to conquer American chat shows in the works she'll more than likely never be on benefits again.

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