WATCH: Alternative Titanic ending revealed

OK, so we might not have watched James Cameron’s Titanic for a good few years, but we don’t remember the original ending being THIS cheesy…

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Now, an alternative ending has come to light from the 1997 film, which propelled stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet into the global spotlight.

In this version, filmmaker Brock Lovett is seen bemoaning the fact that he didn’t manage to find the sapphire necklace given to Rose by her fiancé, Cal.

But just as he has given up, he spots Rose attempting to toss the sought after jewel into the ocean.

‘You had it the entire time?’ he asks, horrified.

'You had it the entire time?'

‘The hardest part about being so poor was being so rich,’ explains Rose. ‘But every time I thought about selling it I thought of Cal, and somehow I made it without his help.’ What a sneaky lady.

‘Look Rose I don’t know what to say to a woman who tried to jump off the Titanic when it wasn’t sinking and got back on when it was…but please think about this for a second,’ Brock pleads.

Understated, if anything

‘I’ve come all the way here to put it back where it belongs’ Rose tells him, before explaining: ‘You looked for treasure in the wrong place Mr Lovett, only life is priceless, and making each day count.’

Wow, well that is beautiful...

After allowing Brock a brief moment with the jewel, Rose tosses the jewel overboard, much to the shock of the onlooking crew and her granddaughter Lizzy.

Oh no she DIDN'T!

With questionable acting and some seriously CHEESY lines, we can see why this ending didn’t quite make the cut.

But what do you think?

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