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I'm half way!! 20 weeks and there's no disguising this bump now. I can't believe how much more I'm showing this time round. I know they say you show a lot more on your second, but this is one big old bump!

I was speaking to a lovely lady at the weekend at The Baby Show in Birmingham. She's 31 weeks and I'm the same size as her! She didn't hide her shock when she discovered I'm 10 weeks behind her. I told her it was my second and she replied with, "this is my third!"

To be honest, as soon as we found out, my stomach suddenly popped out.

Suzanne's bump has blossomed!
Suzanne's bump has blossomed!

Now look at me! And it's only going to get bigger... I have the Bio Oil on-hand at all times.

We had a super time at the baby show. Even with endless stalls of baby products and Sam and I discussing what to get for the baby, Corey managed to entertain himself!

Big brother to-be Corey

Although Sam's very good at going with my choices/decisions... (He prefers the easier life!) he was first in the queue trying out pretty much everything- I even found him trying out the latest nursing chair.

A big thanks to Stature PR for our goody bag; it was full of fantastic gifts which will be well used.

Being in Birmingham, we decided to stay on and see Noel (Sullivan) in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels', the latest show he's touring with. Noel is outstanding in it and the show is brilliant. A great night out for the family. We all giggled our way through it.

I'm really close to Noel. We're closer now than the Hear'Say days. We have been by each other's side for 14 years and never grown apart and it's so lovely that we have that. Corey adores him; they have such great banter together and this weekend Corey said he wants to be an actor just like Uncle Noel.

On Sunday we went to the Birmingham 'Foodies Festival'. I was so glad that it was a Sunday, as it's my day of 'eat what I like and don't feel guilty'... And that's exactly what I did! I filled my boots with the lot! Hot dogs, chips, tacos, ribs, cheese, chocolate - it was the festival from heaven and I picked up some great recipes to try out too.

After putting myself into a food coma, we jumped into the car and headed off to London to go to the premiere of George Clooney's new film 'Tomorrowland'. It was Corey's first time going to a premiere and he loved it.

As I was signing autographs, what I didn't realised was that Mr. Clooney was standing only inches away from me signing too! If only I'd realised, I could have got the picture that every female dreams of! Don't worry, I'm left still dreaming ladies.

I was so proud to show off my family on the red carpet, along with my bump, and I was just beaming with pride. It's been a bumpy ride over the years and to be in this place now, I feel truly lucky.

The whole family (bump included)

I had such a lovely time at the Lorraine Kelly 'High Street Fashion Awards'. Not only is it a great event that celebrates affordable and accessible clothing but it's brilliant to catch up with my showbiz friends too.

My good friend Liz McClarnon and I love to do these events together and as usual she looked stunning.

Seeing my old Emmerdale pals, Adele Silva and Natalie Anderson, was such a nice treat and great to talk all things babies and family. They both looked so well and gorgeous.

Suzanne and the Emmerdale girls

I have to admit, I had pregnancy-body-envy seeing how amazing Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Frankie Bridge looked…. It was 'battle of the bumps'!

Walking the 'pink' carpet!

I really admire Lorraine and what she stands for. She's always so lovely to me. I bumped into her and her daughter on arrival and she greeted me with a big smile and complimented me on my dress. Her daughter Rosie is the absolute picture of her - so pretty.

We have our final scan this week, the scan where we can find out the sex of the baby! We said we wanted it to be a surprise, but knowing we can find out if it's a boy or girl is sooooo tempting!

I'll let you know next week if we caved in!

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