Victoria Beckham’s bid to gatecrash Brooklyn’s honeymoon

As he becomes a married man, the Beckhams’ eldest son wants to enjoy family life with new wife Nicola – and not talk business

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Last week, Victoria Beckham was the ultimate proud mum when she saw eldest son Brooklyn finally marry his fiancée Nicola Peltz, after months of delays. No expense was spared as the couple tied the knot in the grounds of Nicola’s family’s £75 million Florida mansion, in what was dubbed the wedding of the decade.

Some of the biggest names in UK and US sport, politics and showbiz attended and Posh – who also has Romeo, 19, Cruz, 17, and 10-year-old Harper with husband David – was in her element as she welcomed a new Mrs Beckham to the family. While she is excited to have Nicola as a daughter-in-law, she is also said to be thrilled that the 27-year-old actress is joining Brand Beckham and thinks she and Brooklyn, 23, will be great additions and help earn them more. But Brooklyn has already warned his mum that he doesn’t want her talking business any time soon – especially when they’re on their honeymoon.

A source tells Closer, “After being so hands-on with all the wedding preparations, Victoria is already looking ahead for Brooklyn and Nicola and can’t wait to tell them about some exciting ideas she has in place that will benefit Brand Beckham.

“Vic wants them to get cracking straight away and has shared all her insights of how she and David worked their way up to becoming a global super couple. She thinks Brooklyn and Nicola have so much potential and they need to strike while the iron is hot, even while they’re on honeymoon. She’s told them they could make a name for themselves as the hot new married celeb couple, but Brooklyn and Nicola are not keen about having business conversations straight after their Big Day. Brooklyn has joked that he doesn’t want his mum gatecrashing their honeymoon and turn it into a Brand Beckham business meeting.”


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Brooklyn and Nicola met through mutual friends and began dating in October 2019. The aspiring chef proposed nine months later after they spent the first lockdown together in America with Nicola’s family.

Speaking about the proposal, Brooklyn recently recalled, “I couldn’t open up the wine, which was really embarrassing. After 10 minutes, I finally opened it, poured her a glass, got on my knees. I started telling her how much I love her. It lasted like five minutes. And then I reach back, I’ve got the ring, I open it, I was like, ‘Will you marry me? Because I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You’re my best friend.’ She just started crying, and I was like, ‘Oh no!’ And then she didn’t answer me for another five minutes, she just kept crying. And I was like, ‘Is it a yes? Is it a no?’ It was a little bit nerve-wracking.”

Both he and Nicola have been busy with the wedding planning so they are looking forward to a relaxed, long honeymoon to get over the stress of it all.

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“Brooklyn has been feeling quite exhausted with all the wedding shenanigans and was hoping to put his feet up on his honeymoon,” the source continues. “He doesn’t want to be talking or thinking about business on their honeymoon.

“Vic has told Brooklyn it’s all about building your own brand and she wants the happy couple to be hitting headlines around the globe for all the right reasons. Nicola is gorgeous with a great dress sense and Vic wants to chat to her about her wardrobe and how she envisions it will evolve from fiancée to married woman. She’s jokily advised them against cheesy matching outfits like she did with David, and also wants them to start doing charity work together. She has a lot of ideas.”

But a source says David, 46, has told his wife it might be an idea to back off and just let Brooklyn and Nicola enjoy this time as a married couple.

Our source says, “David has told Vic to let them be and enjoy a break. They’re still his parents who he looks to for advice, but Brooklyn has made a man of himself now and it’s time for him to start a new life with Nicola. But Vic really feels they need to be more hands-on with them both and guide them as much as possible.

“While David says they’re young and allowed to make mistakes, Vic reminds him that the world is a much more unforgiving place now and there are people watching the family’s every move. She’s seen how much criticism Brooklyn has got over the years and wants him to be taken seriously. And this starts on their honeymoon.”

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While it doesn’t look like Brooklyn wants to talk business on his honeymoon, he’s very open to Nicola’s family coming along. During a pre-wedding Mr and Mrs game with Vogue, Brooklyn was asked what Nicola’s ideal honeymoon would be and he replied, “The south of France, with your family then joining us and lychee martinis.”

And the source says this news has unsettled Victoria, 48.

An insider says, “She was quite hurt when she found out that Nicola’s family may be joining and not the Beckhams. They have always done everything with Brooklyn so knowing that he wants to invite his in-laws on his honeymoon hit a nerve. They’re planning a long honeymoon so Vic is hoping for an invite, but she won’t be able to resist talking shop – so knows it may not happen.”

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