Victoria Beckham’s hell: broken but desperate to protect her marriage

Humiliated Posh in tears over new backlash

Victoria Beckham

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As she is widely lambasted for asking taxpayers to help her struggling fashion empire, friends claim the bad reaction has caused Posh and Becks’ recent love bubble to burst

Just days after happily dancing around for her fans on Instagram live in celebration of her 46th birthday – surrounded by her close-knit family in their Cotswolds country estate – friends say Victoria Beckham has been devastated by an angry backlash following reports she has furloughed 30 members of her 120-strong fashion label staff.

The move for her Victoria Beckham fashion brand means 80 per cent of the salaries of those staff will be paid with taxpayers’ money in a government scheme to help struggling firms during the pandemic – drawing fierce criticism towards her and husband David, 45, over their joint fortune of £335million.

The Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer has made the effort to top up the remaining 20 percent of wages out of her own pocket, as well as taking her own pay cut, but was still condemned by fans and famous faces – especially as the decision came just two weeks after the couple splashed out £17million on a luxury penthouse in Miami.

One angrily tweeted, “I’m disgusted with this. They are taking money from people who really need it – she wouldn’t miss a penny of the earnings of 30 staff! Disgraceful!”

While another wrote, “The richer they become, the more greedier [sic] they get.”

Piers Morgan insta
GMB host Piers Morgan criticised Victoria for using a government scheme ©Instagram

Even Piers Morgan angrily tore into her on Good Morning Britain, venting, “This furlough scheme is not for prima donna millionaires like you two, running a failed vanity business that makes no money.”

TV host Carole Malone tweeted, “Just 2 weeks ago she and Becks bought a £17m penthouse in Miami. Yet she wants British taxpayers to pay her staff. How bloody dare she?”

There were also reports comedian Ricky Gervais had “liked” a Tweet that read, “The f***ing Beckhams, sorry I’m done with them now. Shame on them.”

Simon Cowell had earlier led a backlash against celebs like Posh for applying for the aid.

The X Factor boss – who has been paying his staff in full himself and not relying on the taxpayers’ cash – last month rallied all stars to “rise to this enormous challenge” to use resources available to help out staff amid the coronavirus crisis.

A source last week said Posh had dubbed it the “worst week of her life”, while insiders also tell Closer they believe the mother of four – who had already been accused of travelling between homes in London and the Cotswolds against government advice – has been blindsided by the abuse she’s received.

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When Posh had that haircut... but the spice girls let her have her hair moment without judgement

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When four of the band announced a 2019 reunion... and Posh showed her support

When four of the band announced a 2019 reunion, Posh still showed her support. Victoria took to Instagram to support her former bandmates. She said, "Today marks a special day for the girls as they announce the first tour dates since we performed together in 2012! I won't be joining my girls on stage again but being in the Spice Girls was a hugely important part of my life and I wish them so much love and fun as they go back on tour next year. I know they will put on an amazing show and the fantastic fans past and present are going to have a wonderful time! "

The source claims, “Vic is absolutely heartbroken over what people have been saying about her. She thought she was doing the best she could with the business being in the state it’s in, and made sure everything was above board. She is devastated that her fashion brand – which is so important to her, as it really cemented her status – is attracting so much negative attention.

“She’s been in tears and she is really worried she could lose everything – her business, her reputation, her income – as well as causing stress for her family.”

Last year, it was reported that Victoria had been told to “ditch her chauffeur” and had offered to reduce her own salary in a bid to help her fashion empire after it plunged £36m into debt, the year before it reportedly made £12.5m in losses, despite a huge celebrity following – with the likes of Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian wearing her designs.

Posh is also currently locked in a legal battle with a construction company that fitted her flagship store in London, which is now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing her more financial stress – and tension with David.

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The source explains, “David is being really supportive of Vic, but it has caused a little friction between them. Throughout their early marriage, Vic followed him around with his football – from Madrid to LA to Paris – and just months ago, she stood as the proud wife alongside him as he launched his MLS club.

“But now, in contrast to his success, she’s being publicly humiliated for her business decisions. Her fashion label was her opportunity to take back some independence, and she can’t help but feel frustrated that while David’s career is going from strength to strength, she’s going through hell with hers.

“It’s a shame, because up until now she’d been blissfully happy in the Cotswolds, holed up with David and the kids – it’s the first time they’ve had any real downtime together for ages.”

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Both David and Victoria had seemed to be on cloud nine recently, constantly posting affectionate moments of their lockdown life, from baking cakes to playing pranks on one another.

Closer recently reported how isolation had put the spark back into their relationship, after batting off claims their marriage was on the rocks last year, following a series of negative body language moments between them amid reports of an impending divorce, which they dubbed “a crock of s**t”.

Friends credited Posh’s being “more relaxed and upbeat – which David loves” for reigniting their passions, but now they’re concerned all the stresses around the recent furore could undo all of that.

The insider says, “In the space of just a few days, Vic’s gone from carefree and fun-loving to being in tears and making frantic business calls over the phone. Usually when they’re faced with stressful circumstances, they have a team and their extended families around them to take the pressure off, but now they only have each other to lean on – and that can take its toll.

“Vic’s loved being with David 24/7, and she’s been using the time to reconnect and strengthen their marriage. She doesn’t want all this extra stress to take away from that and is desperate to protect the close bond they’ve built up.”

Closer magazine issue 901

Just days before the backlash, Victoria celebrated her birthday by asking for donations to a children’s charity rather than presents, but the latest criticism is also bringing back painful memories following the hacking of David’s personal emails in 2017, dubbed “Beckileaks”.

The emails exposed an apparent foul-mouthed rant by David against opera star Katherine Jenkins, who was being awarded an OBE, after David found out he was not going to be knighted, as well as his alleged reluctance to donate his own money to a charity project despite being an ambassador.

A spokeswoman for David responded that the emails had been taken out of context and doctored.

The source adds, “They’ve worked so hard as a couple to bounce back from all that scandal and finally felt as though they had repaired the damage. Vic has been so proud showing off the family on her social lately – she’s scared this will put them back to square one.”

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