Posh: ‘I feel like I’m living a double life’

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She doesn't know where she stands

After putting on a concentrated display of togetherness a couple of weeks ago, David and Victoria Beckham seemed back to their old distant selves last week.

Following a trip to Versailles to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, where they replaced loved-up snaps with more posed and formal ones, they attended the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park to watch Barbra Streisand.

They both arrived looking quite stern-faced and didn’t seem to interact much with each other throughout the show.

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Inside Dani and Danny Dyer's house - SLIDER

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house1 of 16
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A sofa in the garden? How fancy

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house2 of 16
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It looks like they've got an indoor pool

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Is that a trampoline we spot in the background?

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house4 of 16
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We can see a kids playhouse in the background of this snap

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house5 of 16
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We wonder if Danny Dyer does any gardening?

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Is that a Marilyn Monroe painting we see behind Dani?

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We spot silver carpet all over Danny's gaff

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The Dyer household have followed in the footsteps of lots of other celebs with that sofa

From TOWIE stars to Katie Price this is the sofa celebs are OBSESSED with.

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Look at these two and their matching initials...

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Think it's safe to say the Dyer family have a white and silver decor around their house

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Seriously though, how snug does that sofa look?

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Another armchair with the infamous silver velvet material

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Eye spy with my little eye... London in these photos frames

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Look at these three with their matching tops

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How fancy is that lamp then?

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Dani's shoe closet is making us green with envy

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It was in complete contrast to when they went to Glastonbury, where they were seen kissing on the dance floor and generally all over each other. Now, heat magazine has been told Posh feels like she doesn’t know where she stands.

"Vic has said that she feels like she’s living a double life at times," an insider said.

"On one hand, things with David are much better than they were a year ago. She really thought they’d turned a corner after he was being so affectionate at Glastonbury, and his willingness to pose for pictures and put up a gushing post about her on their anniversary.

"But since then, he’s become a bit more distant again, and Vic sometimes doesn’t know where she stands. She feels like when they go out, she’s always so aware of putting on a show of togetherness and it’s very stage-managed, rather than being spontaneous.

They continued: "She just wants them to have a normal life together and enjoy their kids while they’re still young.

"She feels like David misses out on so much by being so busy all the time, and she just wishes things were as picture-perfect as they make out on Instagram."

heat magazine
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The Beckhams did spend some time together as a family last week, as they celebrated daughter Harper’s eighth birthday with sons Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 16, and Cruz, 14. But, now David has finally got approval for his football stadium in Miami, they won’t be spending as much time together, as he plans to launch his team by 2020.

Understandably, Vic, 45, is worried about the former footballer, 44, not being around as much, as she’s concerned about the implications it could have on her marriage. But we’re told she also worries about him being away after intruders tried to break into their Cotswolds home.

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"On the surface, Victoria and David look like the perfect couple, but the reality is, she feels deeply insecure at times, because she never knows where David is going to be," an insider told the publication.

"She’s insisted they up their security at all their properties. David is all for taking extra precautions, because he’s told Vic that he might have to jet off at a moment’s notice, leaving her alone with the kids.

"But she’s really angry that they’re having to do this, especially as they’ve been posting so many family snaps of each other lately.

"She just knows that if David didn’t want to spend so much time apart, he wouldn’t need to put up all this extra security in the first place."

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